Resources for Myself- No Maternity Coverage

Updated on April 13, 2009
B.D. asks from Olathe, KS
4 answers

Hi. I don't have maternity coverage and we are ttc. Does anyone have any resources I could go to for help with that? I've heard that Kansas has a plan that helps families with no maternity coverage, but I'm not sure what it is or where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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answers from Kansas City on

Hi B.
Congratulations! I'm not sure what ttc is but I know that most hospitals will work with you on a payment arrangement for the delivery. You will need to call their financial office and ask them about it. If it’s a straightforward delivery with no complications it’s not too bad - the only stipulation is you may have to have it all paid before the delivery. You can also check with most OB offices - they will do something similar. The reality of life is that there are thousands of us out here with no medical coverage and we have babies! The other place you could call is the Johnson County Health Department ###-###-####. They do prenatal care and can be a great source of helpful information. Good Luck!



answers from Lawrence on

If you go to your local health department, they should have all the information you need. I've heard of the "plan" you're referring to but I don't remember the name. Good luck & best wishes!



answers from Kansas City on

if your income level qualifies you can go on medicare for a short period of time. you might be surprised. I woudl check it out. I know a mom who gave child up for adoption who covered her delivery expense and the baby for first year under medicare.



answers from Kansas City on

I would check with you hospital & OB. I didn't have have maternity coverage for my first child and paid the OB in advance and the hospital in full when I checked out. Three years later when I had my second, we had maternity coverage. We ended up paying more for everything with the coverage, then we did without insurance. Crazy I know!!!

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