Replacement Parts for Breast Pump

Updated on March 26, 2013
G.C. asks from Petaluma, CA
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Hi there,

I recently bought a used breast pump from someone off Craig's List. I know I need to replace certain parts(like the breast flanges) for hygenic reasons, but am unsure which other parts should be replaced. I'm thinking everything but the motor? I contacted Medela and they wouldn't give me an answer because they don't recommend using a used breast pump for hygenic reasons. I don't see how the pump/motor itself can be unsanitary, and the one I really need is waaaay too $$$$$ new. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. Really helpful advice. I will probably purchase new valves and flanges. I just found out that I can get different size flanges.According to Medela's description, I now realize that the flanges on my previous pump were too small.Unfortunately, They only give the size translation in how many millimeters your nipple is. Anybody have any advice on how to buy the correct flange size? I would like to purchase now as I might need to pump right away. I am a 34 DD, but when I breast fed my first, my breasts & nipples became enormous (:o), maybe a size E or F. Not sure if I should get a L, XL, or XXL. Anybody have any experience with this?

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Check out amazon - I would just get new breast sheild things and maybe new hoses too. I did that with a Medala pump that I got used from one of my sister's friends.



answers from Washington DC on

Call your local lactation center. I had to replace parts because I got mold in my tubing once and the shields are sold in different sizes to accommodate different women. Ask the LC to measure you, buy the right size and get the new tubes, etc. and at least our lactation center was cheaper than the store or Medela.


answers from San Francisco on

You should get the pump checked out by a lactation consultant or breastfeeding supply shop to make sure the motor is still working properly. You also need to replace ALL the parts: tubing, valves, bottles, flanges. And if it's a Pump in Style, pop the front plate off and make sure there's no mold growing behind it.

Buying a breast pump from someone you don't know can actually be dangerous, as you don't know how long they used it, where they got it, and if milk has backed up into the motor. Medela is NOT a closed system pump, so it's possible to get milk in the motor.

Being a breastfeeding educator, I always advise: "If you'd let someone nurse your baby, then it's probably ok to use their pump." I understand that buying a new pump can be cost-prohibitive, but Ameda and Hygeia are both better options if needing to buy a used pump, as they are both closed systems.

You also should consult with a lactation consultant or peer counselor to make sure that the flanges fit properly.



answers from Dallas on

Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby carry replacement Medela parts. You can also steam sterilize all of those parts and reuse them- Medela sells reuseable microwave bags just for that purpose.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I replaced all the plastic parts: tubing, flanges, valves, etc. A set like this gets you everything you need except the tubing, which you'll need to buy separately:

I found the parts for the best cost at the lacation consultant at the hospital where I delivered.

Some people do reuse the plasticware - they just sterilize it. But that's up to you, I chose to replace everything, personally.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would get new valves & the flaps that go on them and new tubes. The shields can easily be washed/sanitized so you don't need to replace those.

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