Recommendations for a Roofer.

Updated on June 22, 2008
J.G. asks from Oldsmar, FL
4 answers

Hi Ladies, I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a reliable roofer. We have had problems with our sun room leaking form day one. Every time it rains we get at least an inch of water in that room. Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When you say "sun room"...what type of roof does it have?!?



answers from Tampa on

hi J.! We personally know some folks in Palm Harbor who have owned and operated their own successful roofing company for years - Arrys Roofing (Arry and Becky Housh are the owners). We have not been in touch for awhile but I'm sure they're in the phone book. Hope this helps!
C. F



answers from Tampa on

Since you didn't post where you are, I don't know if these guys service your area, but we had great luck with Yowell Roofing.

We had a small repair and at the time the housing market was booming so most roofing companies didn't want small jobs (obviously the situation is different now!) Anyway - these guys were willing, professional and did a great job.

Tell them Jim and L. Anderson referred you - we don't get anything but I want them to know we still appreciate them! They've done jobs for a few people in our neighborhood and they were pleased as well.

I couldn't find their number so I looked them up on and they have a website and you can request a quote from there




answers from Tampa on

Hi J. I would reccomend "Flack Roofing" I know the family well and they are honest and do good work.
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