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Updated on October 07, 2008
K.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My washing machine died over the weekend. Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular machine and a place to buy it? I know Loew's, Sears, etc. all have different offers (in terms of delivery, etc.). Also, machines/stores to avoid. Thanks:)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice. Just got back from Sears. They do have the best service and most knowledgeable staff. My new machine comes on Thursday--we all know how crucial a washing machine is to moms!!

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We bought a Whirlpool set (the Duet) a couple of months ago when our washer died out of the blue. We went to Appliance Smart and got a great deal. They were both brand new but the washer had a small scuff on it so we got the set for.....$800!! I love them, they work great.



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Hi K.,
I was just in the same situation! My washer died on a week ago Sunday. We went to Sears in Maplewood Mall at about 6pm and bought a new washer/dryer. They are Kenmore, but I can't remember the model? It was about $1200 for the pair, including delivery of $150 for both (which we will get back via rebate, filed online, really easy!). On any given day if you are there and order your appliances before 3 pm and they are in stock they can deliver the next day. So I got my washer on last Tuesday, have used it about five times and its awesome! At least compared to my old loud washer that wouldn't really spin well... I wish I could remember which Kenmore it is, but I know they said they were getting new models in soon.
Delivery exprience was good, they give you a two hour window and the guys didn't come until the very end of the window. They explained that they had a very troublesome delivery right before ours, nothing up to code so they couldn't hook any of the new stuff up until the homeowner got the new stuff from the hardware store and they had to just wait in the meantime. They were very nice and hooked it all up for us, made sure it worked before they left too. All in all a good exprience with Sears!



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We just purchased a Frigidaire (s/p?) HE front loader washer and dryer form Appliance Smart and I love, love, love it. We weren't going to spend the extra $, but I am so very happy we did. It is so quiet and nice and the HE part is awesome- the clothes take way less time to dry saving lots of money in energy costs. Plus it's the green way to go and who doesn't like that? Go for it and you will not be sorry you did!



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I bought Magtag washer and dryer 20 years ago. It is still working. Only had to replace timer in washer once. I bought them at local appliance store near my home. My mom swore by Maytag. She had hers for 25 -28 years with 5 kids doing laundry for. When she replaced them she bought another Magtag. Sears has Magtag brand sold under Sears brand. I would avoid Best Buy. My family has not had good experiences with them on appliances & electronics. The sales reps at Bust Buy are not as knowledgable on appliances as reps at Sears. This is just my experience. Good luck

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