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Updated on March 28, 2011
A.G. asks from Kingwood, TX
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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any "public school at home" programs, like Connections Academy or K12. I used to homeschool my son, and he is now in a charter school, but I want to keep all my options open for the future. I don't think I"ll keep him in public school forever, but may not have the option of private school. The programs where the kids stay at home and still do school through the public school system sounds so interesting, and I would love to hear comments from parents whose kids have been in one of the programs.

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answers from Fayetteville on

If you actually LIKE the Public School curriculum then it is a good way to go. It's mostly computer based which I can't stand and they are also very hands-on with the parent, which I can't stand. BUT for you, if you like that, it may be good.

If you are kept from private curriculae designed for homeschoolers, I'd be happy to point you to any number of inexpensive HSing choices or academies that offer payment plans and that are very affordable.
OR you can do what we do, and simply design your own curriculum, without paying anyone a dime. :)

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answers from Allentown on

We used Connections when my ds was in 5th grade and my dd was in K. If you are happy with the public school curriculum, Connections is likely a good fit. We found the busy work to be annoying, the live lessons interrupted our days, and our educational philosophy started to veer in a completely different direction, so we went straight to independent homeschool at the end of that year.

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answers from Fort Collins on

Desiderata school is a great private school that is mostly home study based. They can offer the structure and guidance like a public school, but allow for much more curriculum flexiblilty than the public system. Plus you can work at your own pace because it is proficency based not attendance based.

They have several distance based programs too.



answers from Boca Raton on

My younger homeschooler (7th grader) has 4 FLVS (online public school here in FL) classes and there are positives and negatives. I agree with Carrie that there is alot of annoying busy work (unfortunately). However, it's nice to have a set curriculum that matches state guidelines. It is also almost all computer based (which is fine for some, not others).

Next year we will probably go more independent.

Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on

I homeschool on my own and I don't do the public school at home deal but I know a lot of people who do. I've only heard good things about it. The only negative I've heard is if the kids and parents don't like the curriculum.

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