Preschool Field Trip Ideas

Updated on August 25, 2008
T.J. asks from Seattle, WA
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Anyone have any good ideas or experiences to share for preschool field trips or class visitors? I've been told we usually go on one every other month, and the month in between we have a classroom visitor (I.e. Firefighter, police officer, etc).

We're in Edmonds so only semi-local suggestions please (I've appealed to mamasource to add locations in requests but to no avail), and please don't state the obvious ones (wpz, pac sci, sct). Thanks!

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I'm a mom of a 9-year-old incoming 4th grader and a 5-year-old incoming kindergartener whom I just finished 2 years of co-op preschool with. I was the field trip planner for both those years, so I think I can help you. Here are some of our favorites:
Craven's pumpkin farm & Biringer farm; Everett's Children's museum; beach walk with the rangers in Edmonds (you have to book this one early); Creation Station in Lynnwood; ride a city bus to a public library for story time (Edmonds worked great for us); Shoreline fire safety center; tour a grocery store (we had a connection with an employee which really helped); Outback kangaroo farm in Arlington (totally worth the drive); WPZ brought a live owl to us for a visit (4-5 year olds did great with this); ride the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry over & back (contact them ahead of time about touring, and special school program rates).
These are the ones that jump out at me. Some of these cost money; we tried keeping the cost to $5 or less per kid, and very few charged for adults, too. Good luck with your planning!

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Our co-op preschool went to the Edmonds beach for a field trip on a very low tide day so we could go under the ferry pier. The kids had a ball looking at the starfish and other sea creatures under the pier and then playing in the pools of water that were on the beach. We then stayed and had a picnic. It was a lot of fun and very low stress! Have fun!


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I don't know how well it would work for your kids, but Kidz N Clay near the Alderwood Mall might be a good idea. The kids can go in and either make their own clay creation, or "paint" (glaze) something that is pre-made. If I were a kid I'd love it in there, but I've also been big into making my own pottery since middle school.

Here's the website:




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If it's been on "Mr. Rogers," preschool kids love it! Try having a mailman or a delivery person of some sort come to the school. ANYONE is fascinating to that age... if they can show something they do, it's great. Or if it's someone they see and want to know more about... like the lady who decorates cakes at Safeway!

Also -- some of my most memorable field trips when I was little was when we went to the bakery and saw how bread was made... or saw how the milk was packaged! Even a field trip to an accomodating restaurant kitchen would be fun.

Hope this helps. ENJOY!!



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They don't open until October, but Fairbank Farm is a great place to take a preschool field trip. They're open to the public on weekends, but do school visits during the week. They have a pumpkin patch and all sorts of farm animals that the kids can get up close to. It's really fun and right by Edmonds.

Also, what about Pump It Up in Lynnwood?



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When the weather and tide are right, a must-do is the tide pools. They're fascinating, educational and memorable! You have to check the schedule and cycle. :)

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