Pregnant Lady and Flu Shot

Updated on November 16, 2006
K.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
5 answers

Okay, so I signed up to get the flu shot not knowing I was going to be pregnant. It's this Friday. My question is - is it okay for me to get it? I would like any type of feedback - personally or professionally. Thank you.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have heard absolutely not in the first trimester. But, my midwife recommended one when I was only 8 weeks along, and I got it. I think you should ask a couple doctors/nurses to be sure.



answers from Minneapolis on

i know there is a certain timeframe when they say not to get it and i think its right away but not positive so i would call a nusre line or ask the nurse doing the flu shot,but i do know they want you to get one with the way Congrats!!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

it is okay to get a flu shot when you are pregnant, and they normally recommend it. but since you are only a couple of weeks along, you may need to postpone it. this is a question best asked to a nurse or your doctor.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had a flu shot with both pregnancies. My OB and Midwife recommend it.

Check with your Dr. but I would plan on still getting the shot.




answers from Duluth on

My best friend got them with both of her last two pregnancies at the recommendation of her doctor. I'd call and speak to a nurse first with being early along. They're pretty tough at the embryonic stage.

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