Prayers for One of My Family

Updated on February 08, 2013
G.B. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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One of my cousin's is sitting in the ICU with her husband waiting to see if someone dies. They are waiting for either a heart for transplant or her husband to get stronger or if he will die within the next few days.

It's so hard to pray for him to get a heart. How does one pray for that? Dear God, please let just the right person come home to you tonight so that my cousin in law might live?

Could you just send my cousin and her hubby your positive thoughts and prayers? And for the family that might lose someone?

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So What Happened?

I chatted with my cousin a couple of days ago and there still isn't any change. Her hubby is in the hospital not doing so well. They are praying for a miracle and feeling the stress from just that thought too. I will update with how he's doing when I know.

Thank you each for your prayers.

My cousin reported a couple of days ago that her hubby was getting a heart. He went through the transplant very well and responded great. He's not home yet but they expect him to be out of the hospital in a couple of days. Thank you for your prayers.

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I'm so sorry. The only thing you can do is know that no one is going to die BECAUSE this man needs a heart.

God understands your heart and your prayers.

Hugs to you and to them, too Gamma.


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Believe it or not, I've been in the EXACT spot, with one small change. It was my daughter laying in the hospital on life support while waiting for a heart. I also struggled with "how do you pray for her, knowing that someone else has to die". My remedy was "Lord, whatever family is fixing to lose a member, please make the last days and hours happy and memorable for them". I knew that it was a very large possibility that it was us living those last hours. Every night, when I went to bed, I prayed "God, please let her live until morning so I can see her one more time". After almost 2 weeks, and she was starting to look like an anorexic teen, I finally prayed "Ok, God; she has gone through enough. It is up to you. Whatever you are going to do, I'm ready." Meaning, of course, that I assumed she would die, and that it was ok now. Well, that night at 2 in the morning, we got the call that a heart came in. So hold on to that. She is now almost 11 years out. It isn't fun, it only STARTS the roller coaster, but it is life. your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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so sorry, prayer completed

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When I don't know how to pray, I go with "thy will be done" and trust God and His infinite love to care for us. Praying for peace, comfort and support for the family may help too. When my dad was in the hospital, reading Romans 8 brought me comfort, especially verses 31-39. Your family will be inmy prayers

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I remember an episode of M*A*S*H*. They needed to do an aorta transplant and didn't have one. The wounded man would live if they could do the transplant. Another man came in with a severe head wound but not injured anywhere else. The head wound should have killed him on impact but for some reason he hung on for several minutes. Father Mulcaey (sp) prayed, Lord I know you need to take Howard home to be with you, Please take him fast so the doctors can save George."

So if you phrase it this way:

Lord it is in your hands, we wish to keep him here with us, but to that you need to call another home. If you will give us more time with him please take the other person quickly.

I will light a candle so your cousin can accept whatever answer she is given. And to have strength to carry on.

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I can understand what you mean. In that case I would probably just pray for "God's provision". This is in much bigger hands than ours...I will pray for this situation. I'm sorry, I know it must be terribly hard.

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Gamma G,

I am so sorry you and your family are in this position. I will pray for them and for them to have strength, courage, support, love, and God's provision over them. Hang in there~

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Prayers have been said.

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Positive thoughts coming your way.



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I Understand your dilemma and praying for your family.



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People are losing loved ones all of the time. Perhaps you could pray that the families who do, decide to give to other families by donating organs. That way you could certainly pray for him to get a heart.

Thoughts and prayers with all.



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Gamma G

I think that sometimes it is hard to pray for something knowing the fate that it means for someone else, but the good it does for someone else...the giving never ends. A donor knows what they are doing and it is unfortunate for their family but in most cases, the family would rather a person go on living a much more functional life then the alternative.

I am saying a prayer right now your family.

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