Possible Wart on 3 Year Old's Foot

Updated on November 12, 2008
R.C. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hi All,

My 3 year old daughter has a small, round mass on the pad of her foot. The center looks kind of wart-like, but not exactly so I'm not sure. The mass is fairly dense and large beneath the small, hard circular exterior. It looks like it could be a planters wart but I don't have any experience with warts so it is difficult for me to determine.

Should I take her to the ped? Should I try to treat it with an OTC wart medication? Is there special OTC wart medication for toddlers? Does it sound like something else other than a wart? Is there any natural remedy I can try before applying medication?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter had a wart on the bottom of her foot... we took her to see a podiatrist, and she recommended otc liquid wart remover drops and placing duct tape over the area. Every night before bed we would clip away the dead "white" tissue and repeat the process with the wart remover/duct tape. We treated it for about 3-4 weeks and now it's gone!

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answers from Bismarck on

When we've had run ins with warts we just use Compound W in the morning and at night. It's kind of smelly but it doesn't hurt and starts working on the wart right away.

You can also use duct tape (renew the strip on it each day) as a home remedy--the salicylic acid in the tape attacks the wart and gets rid of it.

We've used both and the healing can take a while--so stay at it! Good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi R.! I agree with just using Compound W. We took our son to the ped. to have a wart removed and they did a blister treatment- something that I will never put my son through again! It didn't even work! I even used the Wal-Mart brand of wart remover and it worked just fine. It takes a few weeks, though.
I have heard of using tea tree oil to combat warts but it can burn the healthy skin surrounding the wart. I would never use essential oils straight on the skin.
Another note....don't try to physically pull the wart off. My husband's mom did that to our son and blood was spurting everywhere! I was so mad! The wart came back bigger than before! Go to webmd.com to look up wart treatments.



answers from Minneapolis on

If it is a wart you can try this. I had a wart on the pad of one of my fingers and ran into an accidental cure! I had this wart for around 3 years, had tried to hack it out, freeze it, cover it. Nothing ever worked.

Here's what happened; I started using this lotion on my face once a day. I put a drop of it on my fingertips and rubbed my fingertips together to spread it, and then put it on my face once a day. Whatever excess there was on my hands I just rubbed into the skin. My wart disappeared in less than two weeks. I have had my Dad try this lotion for his warts on his fingers, the warts got smaller within 3 days! I use this lotion on my face because I have seborrhiac dermatitis and it does not burn when I put it on. I trialed a bunch of lotions for this reason.

The lotion is called, Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Gentle Healing Skin Care Lotion. I got it at Walmart for less than $3. You can get it in a bottle or a little pot. The bottle stuff is a little thinner than the pot. It is in a white bottle with an orange or yellow cap. I've seen both. The pot is white with orange and yellow writing on it.

Somehow this lotion works for warts, I found this out unintentionally but it really does work. I think it must be because of the vitamin E, but whatever it is, it works, its cheap and its painless!

Hope this helps your daughter!



answers from Milwaukee on

Totally try the vitamin E capsules! I had a plantars wart and my granny told me to try puncturing the capsules with a pin and cover the wart with the liquid every night before bed. I did and it went away within 3 weeks!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would recommend using Tea Tree Oil (not full strength, but diluted). Every morning and every night put a drop on and cover with a bandaid. After a month, it will be gone and won't come back. It's painless and fool-proof. If you want to get ahold of some tea tree oil that is diluted and ready to use, Daisy Blue Naturals has some. Let me know if I can help!



answers from Wausau on

My daughter had one on the side of her foot. It happened right before her 4 yr.old check up so we were going in anyhow. The doctor said to just use the Compound W stuff that is OTC. We put a little bit of the liquid on then covered it with a band-aid. The doc said that people put duct tape over it but that can hurt on a little kid. The band-aid seemed fine. The medicine did sting the first 2 nights...i'm guessing because it's killing the infection. but it was fine after that. It cleared up in about a week.



answers from Milwaukee on

I have alway placed duct tape over the wart and it always works. Just cut a small round out of duct tape and be sure to make it larger enough to cover the wart and after several days of this you will notice a change continue the tape and it will disappear within weeks.
Hope this non traditional method works for you.



answers from Minneapolis on

Although it seems strange, I would NOT recommend taking your child to the dermatologist as your first treatment option. I had a wart on my foot when I was about middle school age and the freezing treatments to remove the wart were extremely painful...I can't imagine how scarey that would be for a 3 year old. My husband has had success removing warts from his feet using the following method: smash up an asprin and add a few drops of vinegar until it's a paste consistency and then spreading this on the wart and covering with duct tape. Leave the tape on for a day or two at a time - the longer the better - and repeat until gone. I'm not sure if it's the duct tape or the asprin/vinegar or the combination, but it works and is pain free. Good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

When my niece was about 6- she had a wart on her hand that was being treated by the DR. by freezing it.This was quite the process as she had to return to the Dr. several times. The next wart she had, I gave my sister-in-law what was left of my bottle of OTC wart remover, she used it and said it worked faster and better than the freezing process and with co-pays a lot cheaper.
I've never learned of the natural remedies -Good luck.




answers from Des Moines on

HI R..

When I was in Jr High I had warts on the bottom of my foot that were Planters warts. They had tried to freeze them off several times, but unfortunatly it hadn't worked. What they ended up doing was sending me to someone (I'm sorry I can't remember specifically if it was a dermatologist or what) but they ended up doing laser surgery to remove the warts. That was the only thing that worked for me. It is possible that I had let it go for so long that it was the only option. I had also heard that the warts on the feet are harder to remove as they are sometimes a lot deeper than others.

What I might do is start off with my regular Dr and see what they recommend for someone so young that is an over the counter treatment. If your Dr is like mine and is willing to listen to your concerns about the pain of the dry ice method then he should be able to give you something alternative that might work.

Whatever route you seek good luck to you.




answers from Duluth on

It sounds like a planters wart. I would say NOT to use Compound W or have them frozen off. Comp W is an acid that burns the wart off and the skin around and I wouldn't want that on my child's foot. I just had a stubborn wart that didn't go away from freezing, OTC or anything. Then I bought something called "wart wonder" from the Whole Foods. Well, it worked wonders. You just spray it on and put a bandaid over it. And it's natural. Good luck!



answers from Davenport on

My son has battled warts for years. When he was younger, about your daughter's age, he had them on his toes of all places! We did compound W and the duct tape. We would change the tape evry night with new medicine. i remeber sometimes peeling off the falling off parts of the skin, but never the actual wart itself, then new med. and new tape. poor kid was in duct tape forever it seemed! It finally went away right before I took him to the dermatologist for them (and another skin thing). She told me warts are viruses and eventually your body will fight them. I cannot say about planters warts though, that's not what he had, and I've never had them either. But before starting anything I would have a doc. look at it to make sure that is what it is. Oh and the at home freeze off stuff.....I have used it two times on both my children's hands and it hasn't made a dent in the warts!



answers from Lincoln on

My 4 yr. old recently had a wart on her foot as well. I kept saying that I needed to get some meds to put on it but never would remember when I was at the store. Eventually the wart sort of dried up and fell off on its own and now is totally gone. Crazy, I know. Maybe if it isn't bothering her (my daughter only said it hurt when I would put lotion on after her baths) you could just wait it out. It seems like it took a couple of months. Good Luck!



answers from Fargo on

My 4-yr old daughter got a plantar's wart on the bottom of her foot. We got the OTC pads & put them on every day. The one wart didn't get better & before we knew it, she had several on each foot & none of them would go away. I was frustrated because we faithfully used the pads. This went on for a couple of weeks.

Then someone told me about using vitamin E. I got a bottle of Vit E softgels & at night before she went to bed, I would poke a pin hole in them and squeeze them onto the warts. I would also put a bit on bandaids and cover them up & she would wear socks to bed. In about a week, all of the warts were gone & have not come back. Don't waste your money on Dr Scholl's wart remover, get some inexpensive Vitamin E softgels & some bandaids & watch them go away!

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would go to a pediatric doctor and have it frozen or burned off. That is the best treatment. I myself have had planters warts and they hurt super bad when you walk on them as well as a pain to get rid of. I spent tons of money with over the counter products and NOTHING worked. The reason why most planters warts come back is you have to get the roots/seeds which are usually really really deep to effectively get it from coming back.

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