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Updated on March 27, 2012
R.P. asks from Denver, CO
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My nine year old son has had a wart on the outside of his left hand for quite some time now. My husband and I have been putting Compund-W on it every night, but very little seems to be melting away. The skin around the wart is quite red, so I have also been applying Neosporin to the affected area. We keep the wart bandaged while our son is at school. I have read about keeping a wart covered with duct tape and was wondering if anyone has tried this method or has any other ideas. My son feels as though his wart will be there forever, and he is also asking if it will leave a scar. Does anyone know if the red skin around the wart is normal?

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answers from Dallas on

Apple cider vinegar!! It works well. My son had one that woldnt go away and he put apc on it at bedtime. We would put it on a cotton ball and put a bandaid over it and it took about a month but it killed it and it never came back. We did try the duct tape instead of a bandaid and it irritated his skin so we stopped. We tried the otc freezes and all that and it was expensive and didn't work. That's another high five fir the magical works of vinegar!!

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answers from Austin on

Yes, duct tape will work, but it has to stay on there all day.

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answers from Seattle on

Warts are stubborn.. The only thing that has gotten rid of them for my kids is having the doctor freeze them off. Sometime it took two. Treatments. The over the counter stuff never worked on my kids or I.



answers from Madison on

only way I have ever been succesful on myself and my daughter has been with freezing. If it is small enough you can get a kit from the store to freeze the wart. Read carefully anf follow directions well and it works great!



answers from Detroit on

There is more effective over the counter meds than Compound W. Can't remember the name, but I think Compound W is the weakest stuff available.

Yes, get rid of the dead skin first. Use a pumice stone if necessary.

You could go to the doc and get it "frozen" off, but that requires the hand to stay dry. It also is not a one time event, either.

Getting rid of them takes diligence and patience. Hang in there.



answers from New York on

Someone posted today about home remedies. Go up to Questions and
read the post. Home remedies are sometimes so much better.


answers from Milwaukee on

my son had two warts this past winter and we just took him to the dr to have them burned off. and they haven't come back yet and that was over 6 months ago!! it is painful but them it's done and over with!!



answers from Cincinnati on

My son had about 12 warts on his hand and a coworker told me to use a small peice of cotton, so i just used the end of q-tip dipped it in vinegar and wrapped a bandaid on it until the wart turns black and falls off. It took a few days, some took a week. That's been 4 years ago, they never returned.


answers from Jacksonville on

I suspect that some of the wart remover you are applying is getting on his normal skin surrounding the wart. You have to be very careful applying it, as it is easy to let it get on the unaffected skin and have an issue.

A post just a few down the list from yours is about home remedies. ReverendRuby mentioned using pineapple to get rid of a wart, but I'm not sure what you do. Maybe put a piece of fresh pineapple and wrap with gauze? Perhaps PM her.

ETA: Also, it could be that it isn't a "wart" per se, but a molluscom bump. They are more difficult to get rid of, and aren't really the same as a 'wart' but they are from a related wart-like virus. Look up "molloscum contagiosum" (I think that's the correct spelling?)



answers from Raleigh on

Yes duct tape works. We also used clear fingernail polish on my daughters wart and that was just as effective.



answers from Chicago on

Tea tree oil. My husband had a gnarly wart on his thumb and would soak a cotton ball in tea tree oil every night. I think he used a bandaid to keep the cotton ball on it all night. You'll want to do it at night time because it has such a strong smell, but it worked great, didn't damage the skin and never grew back. It probably took a few weeks, I can't remember exactly. This was after a dermatologist tried (unsucessfully) to burn it off. You can buy tea tree oil at GNC and most other stores by the vitamins.



answers from Philadelphia on

yes the duct tape works and they sell it now in cool camouflage and stuff now so it will look like a cool bandaid. You have to put it on like everyday for about 3 weeks. If you take him to his pediatrician mine has also did a treatment. they spray the cold stuff on it. My son has had 3 warts. gets rid of one and another pops up. Good luck and def show your doctor,. it can also be burned off.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I was on the swim team in high school and got a really bad plantar's wart on the side of my foot, it was very deeply rooted. None of the home remedies worked, so we went to the doctor for industrial strength. It took about a month, but left and never returned. I mention the swim team, because the doctor said that warts are very common when sharing water/germs in situations like that. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Go get the patches of acid. About $2 each. At the pharmacy. Every night, after his bath, cut a disc out of the patch and put it on. Cover with a band aid. This method removed a plantar wart from the bottom of my son's foot and there's not even a mark. I tried it even after the podiatrist INSISTED it needed to be surgically removed.
The thing is the drops and the patch WILL also eat away healthy skin--so cut it only the exact size of the wart.
Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

my hubby had a planters wart on his foot and put duct tape on it for 3 or 4 days without taking it off (gross, i know). and it went away and hasn't been a problem since! worth a try since it wont hurt anything!

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