Pink Eye - Cumming,IA

Updated on August 17, 2010
C.P. asks from Richmond, MO
8 answers

i know i have pink eye but now it is watery and it looks like i am crying is this a good thing or a bad thing

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answers from Boston on

are you positive that you don't have anything in it? a few weeks ago we thought hubby had pink eye his eye was very watery turned out he had something stuck in it The er doc had a heck of time getting it out.

If it is pink eye a lot of times in adults its viral so getting drops from the dr won't do much but waste your time. The last time I had it my dr did give me drops bc it was very crusty and goopy in the mornings to the point I could not open my eye. A warm compress should help you with any discomfort I have also heard warm milk helps w/ pink eye but I haven't tried it.



answers from Indianapolis on

Only a doctor can take a look and positively determine if it's pink eye (conjuntivitis). I thought I had it a few weeks ago, went to the Optometrist, and it was an allergic reaction to my contacts.

If it is pink eye, you need to get to a doctor, urgent care, or Minute Clinic as soon as possible. It's highly contagious and requires optical antibiotics to clear up.



answers from Minneapolis on

go see an eye dr-or your regular doctor



answers from Madison on

Once I got my drops for pink eye, they cleared up very quickly. I think within the day. I've had it twice - first time went to the doctor and got the antibiotic drops. Second time just called the urgent care line and talked to a nurse who prescribed me the drops over the phone. The Mayo Clinic site can give you good info -



answers from Phoenix on

It is normal. Your eye is trying to flush out what is in it (it does this to some degree every day). When the goo turns yellow or green in your eye (like puss) and seals your eye shut if you close them for sleep is when you will want to get some drops from a doctor.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My husband had what he thought was pink eye. It was crusty and goopy and itched. We bought some OTC drops in the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart that was made to help pink eye. I don't know if the drops cured it or just helped it keep clean or just soothed the eye but it was all cleared up in less than a week and no one else in the family caught it.



answers from Bismarck on

Neither! It's just part of pink eye! I had it about a month ago and it lasted about a week. Eye drops from the dr., warm compresses & don't itch no matter how much you want to! Or if you do rub your eye-wash it afterwards.

Good luck!


answers from Austin on

If you "know for sure" that you have pink eye (either viral or bacterial), then you should consider whatever discharge out of your eye (watery or pus) as being infected. So, anything the discharge touches (make-up, make-up tools, fingers, tissues, whatever the used tissues touch, etc.) will then also spread pink eye... Its highly contagious... To me, its not a good thing since its one more thing you have to remember what touched what and keep track of.

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