Phosphate Free Liquid Dishwasher Detergent That Works!

Updated on May 03, 2010
M.M. asks from Rockwall, TX
16 answers

Is there a phosphate free liquid dishwasher detergent that works? One that does not leave a film on plastics and actually cleans milk glasses.

Thank you in advance!

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answers from Dallas on

I'm a Melaleuca fan! All their products are safe and actually work! I found them a couple of years ago, and wouldn't consider going back to store brands. I was shocked to read one responder say she didn't like the dishwasher detergent. Never had a problem with that. You've had a responder offer to set you up; I highly recommend it!

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answers from Dallas on

I highly recommend Shaklee's dishwasher detergent. I loved the products so much that now my husband and I sell them, but I started out only as a consumer. Someone commented that it was expensive, but it is concentrated so you don't use as much so therefore it last longer and is not expensive in the long run. The whole Get Clean line is awesome. My daughter uses this where she lives in CO and she has really hard water and always had problems with water spots. If you are interested in trying this product let me know.


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answers from Dallas on

I recently started using Ecover tablets and rinse aid and have sparkling dishes. I get them through my company's website - All products are only 5% above cost :)

Feel free to check out the site, and if you want to join, use the coupon code GABE2010 to get $5 off your first order. Enjoy!



answers from Nashville on

Good question, I will watch to see if anyone comes up with one, because I have tried several. I have to say since you got a recommendation for it, I am a Melaleuca fan, but the dishwasher detergent is one thing that is a complete waste of money. And it isn't just my dishwasher. My friend and mom both use melaleuca too and it doesn't work for them. Maybe different kinds of waters will work better, ours is pretty mineral-y. But it stinks, doesn't even cut the grease much less anything worse.

I have tried seventh generation, ecover and a couple others I can't remember and not one of them works. Hope to find a good suggestion...



answers from Dallas on

Great question. When my 6 year old Miele dishwasher needed repair the the serviceman told me Dawn (which I used) was difficult to break down the suds, leaving a film, not just on the dishes, but in the plumbing lines as well; he said to see if this was an issue to start the machine until the water ran in it for about 30 seconds, then open the dishwasher door to see if there were any suds in the bottom (there were). Miele's service tech suggested pouring a cup of vinegar in the bottom of the machince for a cycle until the water is clear - took me three cycles to clear up the suds. Now I use a vingar cycle every so often to keep things clear and use very little detergent.



answers from Dallas on

I use ecover tablets and have been really happy. I buy them on amazon. I've tried bioKleen and love their laundry detergent, but the dishwashing powder left a residue all over our dishes. i returned it.



answers from Houston on

I buy Palmolive Eco+ at Walmart and have not had any problems. My dishes seem to be just as clean as they ever were with other detergents.

Good luck,


answers from Minneapolis on

We use the Method dish liquid for hand washing, and the Method dish tabs unscented for the dishwasher. They both work well, never had a problem, and I'm a picky cleaner! Lol! And they don't break the bank.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I LOVE Melaleuca products. I use all of their products when it comes to all my cleaning needs. Their dishwasher detergent is awesome! If you ask around and find someone who's a member, maybe they'd let you order things each month from them as part of their committment. I do that with my friends/family.



answers from St. Cloud on

I love Planet dishwasher soap. It's a powder, but I have found that I like it better than liquid.
I also like the BioKleen brand.
I can't stand the Melaleuca brand. My dishes never got clean from it.



answers from Dallas on

My mother buys me the Melaluca. I really like it for the dishwasher AND it is concentrated, so you don't need to fill the tray and it lasts longer with less package waste:)



answers from Dallas on

I always like Method Smarty Dish and I also like Dapple, it's designed to get rid of milk in baby bottles you can get it at Toys R Us.



answers from Dallas on

Palmolive Eco works well for me. In general, I do not put plastics in the dishwasher because any detergent I have found does not totally rinse off and plastics can break down in the dishwasher (and release more toxins). We don't cow's milk, but I am not a big rinser before I put stuff in the dishwasher and all the glasses come out clean. I tried the 7th generation liquid dishwasher detergent and it did not work at all.



answers from Amarillo on

Yes, Marika there is but it is not sold in stores. I market better, safer and more economical products for a company called Melaleuca. The international wellness company. Their dish washer detergent is phosphate free and does all that you are looking for as well. I would love to get together with you and tell you more about this. Just email me at and let me know what times in the evening work for you and we set up an appointment over the phone.

A. Case
Canyon, Texas



answers from Topeka on

I tried seventh generation last time and I used my entire bottle within a week because it wasn't as sudsy as the others I also tried Palmolive I like it very much I belive it was the Plamolive clear it lathered great all I need to do is get my stock pile going before it comes off the shelves.


answers from Chicago on

I have not had much luck finding a good liquid detergent, but I know that Shaklee's powder dishwashing detergent is phosphate free and DOES really work. It's a bit expensive, so buy in bulk. I also really like Biokleen's powder detergent too- I can find it at Whole Foods and some greener grocery stores. It works very well. Currently we are using the Kirkland/Costco brand of environmentally friendly dishwashing powder, but I do find it leaves a residue on my glasses. It's funny, but I find this is one of the most important changes to make, but it was also one of the hardest products for me to find and be happy with. Try the ones above that I've suggested, they really do work. Anything is better than sending chlorine-laden steam into your home (and the air you and your children breathe), as well as cutting down on phosphates.

If you choose to change your laundry detergent too, I'd highly recommend Charlie's Soap. Best stuff- I LOVE it.


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