Pelvic and Pubic Bone Pain at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on August 16, 2011
B.K. asks from Albany, CA
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Hi Mamas
So I have been getting on and off pelvic bone pain for the last couple of months but last night and this morning it really started to hurt, to the point where I was scared to move. It feels like pulled muslces in my pelvic area and groin area.
Did anyone else get this?
I am feeling very wierd and emotional the last few days.
I am 30 weeks along and a little bit freaked out that this baby might come early. My son came at 37 weeks which was fine but 30 weeks is too early.
Logically I am probally just a hormonal freak at the moment !!
B. k

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So What Happened?

@Denise,no, alot more severe than round ligament pain
@Mel -exactly,so I might have this till the end? lol

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I also have it! I'm about 29 weeks pregnant and have had it since about week 12. I've had it with all three pregnancies.

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What does your doctor say?
Perhaps you can find a pool (or a deep bathtub) where you can float for awhile.
I wanted to live in a pool towards the end of my pregnancy - it relieved so much pressure on my back and pelvis.
I was so buoyant my belly just popped up on top of the water and it felt great just to lie back and float.

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I had pain like that with Greg - he was in presentation position and pushing down on my pelvic bone and ligaments...

talk to your doctor about the pain and any other sensations you may be having...yes 30 weeks is too early - however, if your baby is in presentation position you may be having another early baby!!

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Is it round ligament pain? That's fairly common during pregnancy....
Call your doc to ask just to be on the safe side!
Good luck, B.!

ETA: Call your doc, B.! Be safe!

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Hi B.!
Go to the doctor just to be safe. Hang in there, mama! Pain by itself is one thing, but the stress of pain can cause a strong emotional response. Praying for peace for you and health for your baby!

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You may have something called pubic symphisis separation. The pain would be intense and even difficult to walk at times. It's rare so its most likely that its due to your ligaments but if the pain still persists after childbirth then u need to get an xray and itll show whether or not if u have it. Hopefully thats not it because its very painful. but I would suggest wearing a good maternity belt. feel better :-)

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Sounds mostly normal - tho I'd definitely talk to your practitioner if you feel you need to. I felt a lot of pelvic girdle and groin muscle/ligament pain the last trimester... felt like I was going to open up and drop him out at any time and hurt to walk, open and close legs (like from going from sitting to standing position), etc.

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I have been having the same types of pains since I was around 30 weeks along as well. Unfortunately, here I am, 38 weeks and still having the pains. My doctor said that it is likely that my son is just slightly larger or that my body already knows what to do which is why the pain is so severe. She suggested swimming in a deep pool (or in my case, resting on a noodle!) and there are also pelvic support bands you can buy. I find that a good bath and constant changes of movement (don't sit, stand or walk for any extended period of time if you can help it) help me out. Laying down also helps, so if you have the chance to rest for even 1/2 hour during the day, your pain may subside a bit. Good luck...I am SO ready for my pain to be gone too!

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Does it feel like someone repeatetly punched you in your pubic bone? Does it hurt to get out of bed and walk. If you feel ok then say go to the grocery store and by the time you are done you are hobbling out and have a hard time loading groceries in the car let alone into the house then put away? I felt like this from about 25 weeks until the end. One night I had to pee and was afraid I would wet the bed if I held it so I crawled to the bathroom because I couldn't walk. One night I was in the dining room on my laptop and had to stay there for an hour after I was done on the comp because I couldn't have made it up to my bedroom and my husband was working out of state.I asked my Dr about it and he said not to worry that the baby was sitting very low and causing tons of pressure. I thought something was horribley wrong though. I delivered my son at 36.5 weeks and he was healthy as can be and my biggest baby at 7lbs8oz(the others were 6.2 and 6.8) soo I would talk to your dr when you go next.

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I've had that since about 24 weeks, and I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. It feels like someone with a steel boot hit you in the groin, ontop of extreme pressure on your pelvic bone. It hurts to walk, get up from lying down or sitting, put pants or shoes on, roll over in bed, get in and out of the car. It pretty much hurts to do anything, lol!
Wearing a maternity support belt helps to take some of the pressure off, but I find that I'm still in pain :/ Swimming takes a lot of the pressure off too.
My doctor says it's normal, and the only thing I can really do to help is wear a support belt and take care of myself.
Sometimes it hurts so bad I just want to cry. Trying to roll over in bed feels like my hips and groin are splitting in half :(

I hope you feel better. If not just look forward to the baby and this pain being gone after birth! :)

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