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Updated on March 01, 2008
K.N. asks from Saint Charles, IL
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My pediatrician gave the okay to give my 1 year old son peanut butter since we have no case of allergies in the family. I gave my son a very small amount on a cracker and within ten minutes he had hives, trouble breathing, runny nose and coughing that cleared up on its own after about 30 minutes. The peditrician said it's rare to have such a reaction with no previous exposures--at which time I did tell her I eat a lot of peanut butter and I breastfed. She said to avoid peanuts in my diet until I stop breastfeeding and to give him no peanut products until 5 years of age and he might out grow the allergy.
My question is --I would like to hear from other mothers who have a child that outgrew a peanut allergy as well mothers that ate peanut butter while breastfeeding and did not have children who became allergic--I'm feeling a bit guilty as I thought I was breatfeeding to help him avoid allergies!!!

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answers from Chicago on

My one year old son is allergic to dairy and egg. He was diagnosed at 6 months and although he has not outgrown his allergies, I thought I would reply. I think there are different schools of thought as far as avoiding allergenic foods while breastfeeding. There are probably a lot of women who ate peanuts while breastfeeding and their kids do not end up with food allergies. There are also probably a lot of women who have avoided peanuts while breastfeeding and their child still ends up with a peanut allergy. There is a good book about food allergies by Scott Sicherer called "Understanding Your Child's Food Allergies."

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answers from Chicago on

My son was diagnosed with a peanut/tree nut allergy when he was 18 mo (he is now 3.5 yo). The allergy can appear at any time (but usually happens after the second or third exposure to the protein). It is very scarey and a serious epidemic. I would be very careful on what you eat and what you give could worsen with another exposure. I was not able to breast feed my son, so I am not sure about that issue. The only thing I know is that there are alot of things that are also cross-contaminated with peanuts and or made in the same facility as peanuts. I have learned alot about children allergies (my son has more food allergies and environmental). If you would like more info on this matter, feel free to contact me.

Also, allergies seem to change every three years. Unfortunately, a child may or may not ever outgrow a peanut allergy.



answers from Decatur on

Well, i dont know if i really fit your criteria, but i might be able to help. My oldest was bf for 10 weeks, then formula fed. He has allergies to lots of nuts and soy products, but many of those products i never ate in my life. He is deathly allergic to cashews, and i don't recall being fond of them EVER. They actually gross me out. Don't sweat it. Kids can be allergic to things you dont even eat, so dont blame yourself. As for his rec's. I would follow a peanut and probably nut free diet until at least age 5 and just be prepared what to do if he comes across something with nuts in it. I would watch labels for nut products and avoid those, just to be sure. You could consult an allergist, but at this age, his immune system is still immature. Be aware that IF the peanuts were the reason he had trouble breathing, etc..that subsequent times he is exposed can be worse reactions, as they typically are. Just find out what to do and be prepared. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have been allergic to peanuts all my life (well since 3, when I had my first PB&J and my lips swelled so big they touched my nose!) I have not outgrown this allergy and last time I was poisoned (two years ago) I ate chicken cooked in peanut oil at our block party I ended up in the ER.

Peanut allergies are very serious. I hope the doctor gave you an epipen if that's age appropriate.

Please be so careful not to cross contaminate... ie don't put a knife in the jelly after it's been in dipped in peanut butter. Or don't let you son have cookies that have been in the same container with peanut butter cookies (my mother-in-law doesn't understand that).

Don't waste your time feeling guilty. Feel blessed that the allergy cleared up by itself. You got a freeby!



answers from Springfield on

My daughter had a similar reaction after one bite of PB&J at age one. We also have no family history of food allergies. I did, however, eat a ton of peanut butter while I was pregnant but very little while breast feeding. For some reason, it was something I craved while I was pregnant. My allergist said not to eat peanut butter during future pregnancy and breast feeding but I saw that a recent study did not find a significant link between what mother's eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding to food allergies. I still feel guilty, however. Did you see an allergist? In the course of testing, we found out that my daughter is allergic to several other foods. These allergies were not causing any hives but chronic eczema and constipation. I have seen two allergists now and both say that it is extremely rare to outgrow a peanut allergy. These reactions can also worsen with each exposure so we are advised to carry benadryl and epipen with us everywhere. Good Luck!!



answers from Chicago on

Hi K.- I BF all 4 of my kids until 14 mo and ate PB&J ALL THE TIME (I actually thought I was a little addicted during the time I was BF) None of my kids have peanut allergies. Don't fell guilty, my sis said her ped said to wait until 2 yrs and mt ped said 18 mo. for introducing peanuts. I don't know the hard and fast rule. You are doing the best you can for your little guy (All us moms want what is best for our kids!) and he will be fine!
Best of Luck



answers from Chicago on

well the new research says it doesn't matter what you eat when pregnant, that it can't cause the allergies but who knows. My son is allergic to a number of things and carries an epi pen for egg, much like my husband does for peanuts (son also allergic to peanuts and tree nuts but not epi pen worthy). I think your dr is insane to suggest at 1 yr to try peanut butter, all the research says to wait till at least 3... when they can tell you what's going on if they have a reaction. unfor the serious peanut allergies are rarely out grown (like 20% or something)... but living w/a serious peanut allergy isn't as bad as you would think, its pretty common. We use soy nut butter and he likes it : ). The one thing is to make sure things he eats aren't on the same line as peanuts in the factory, but there are no laws that state they HAVE to release that information but most manuf do. My husband does eat things that are produced in the same factory as... but personally i wouldn't take the risk w/my son and my husband has also ended up in the ER about 4 times (for accidentally directly injesting candy w/peanut butter). Its not your fault. My son is allergic to milk, soy, egg white, egg yoke, tree nuts, peanuts, potatoe.... and i'd say if it was because of what i ate, i didn't eat alot of any of it so how are you supposed to know? Also, i started teaching my son about his allergies right when he started to talk. Now he says "no, i can't eat that. allergy. vomit. belly ache". good luck, any questions ask, its just a matter of being allert and consistent : ). Oh. and i nursed for a yr and just gave up all the things he was allergic to. AND my son had reactions at 2-3 weeks so i doubt my breast milk did it!!

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