Patching Pack N Play - Very Upset!

Updated on July 27, 2013
A.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I woke up this morning to my 2 year old son poking holes into the mesh of our daughters brand new pack n play. There are now 6 holes!!!!! I am really upset because this pack n play cost us a lot of money we really didn't have, because I don't have money to replace it, and because I no long have the box and don't know where the receipt is since we bought it last year not long after finding out we were pregnant because we had a coupon that was about to expire.

I have looked everywhere online for this red Graco pack n play but apparently nobody has it anymore, only the green pack n play. But still, I don't really have the money to replace it since we are paying over $5,000 out of pocket for medical bills. I have looked on craigslist but nobody has it either. This red pack n play we bought matches the bucket seat and stroller we bought.

I have looked online at the Graco replacement parts but there are no parts for replacing the mesh. I called to see if I could send the pack n play in for repairs but they are closed until Monday and I fear the mesh will not last the weekend with the way my son is!!

And, if I try patching it myself it will probably look horrible, will make it worse, and might even be a hazard for our daughter.

I AM SO UPSET!!! Have any help?

Updated: He just tried sticking his finger in one of the holes!

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answers from Provo on

Seriously I don't get why people care so much how things look. Especially equipment that is going to get thrown up on, food thrown on, peed and pooped on. I understand if it's something in the living room, but if you sew it up, no one will judge you. Keeping things clean and sanitary yes, but perfect? No.

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answers from Kansas City on

This is why I use the 40 dollar Cosco brand cribs. They have gone up to around 50 in most places. Sure you don't get to choose the color. And yeah, it bites. But it is common. It's one of the many reasons I try and tell daycare parents they have NO IDEA how much it costs to run a daycare. I buy at least 2 every year and have for 24 years.

One time I bought 4 matching highchairs and in the first week one of the little ones got himself turned around and bit the vinyl off the back. Grrr... What can we do? Kids can be destructive.

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answers from Stockton on

put the little bugger in time out if he touches it again. If the holes are the size of a 2 year old's finger - sew them shut with button thread. who cares if it's not perfect??
Otherwise garage sale for a replacement and it definitely doesn't need to match. Baby gear is not part of your home's decor!

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answers from Gainesville on

If it makes you feel any better, at least it was your son. I set mine up and in a matter of 15 minutes out of my room my cat ran in and made use of the pack n play as a scratching post and tore up some of the mesh with his massive claws. :-(

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answers from Philadelphia on

I don't know how big the holes are, but could you sew them back together? It may not look the prettiest, but at least it won't cost you a fortune to replace.

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Chicago on

Try a garage sale? We got one for my mom there. If it does not match, that is not important just safety.



answers from Los Angeles on

Pretty common issue...I would start looking at yard sales. I just came up on one and I honestly thought it was brand new. She said they only used like 3 times. I paid, hold on to your seat, $75 for the complete set. changer, canopy & mobile. Just keep an eye out and dont let him touch it again!



answers from Daytona Beach on

We are "allowed" to give two sh**s as to what our baby furniture looks like. J. because some of you don't care what your baby stuff looks like doesn't mean the rest of us want our stuff to look all hand-me-down and jacked up! Oh, and also, it IS home décor for at least a couple of years, or longer if you have another baby right after!

I have an entire matching set that was in perfect condition and I love it. Unfortunately, my 3-year-old went to town on the mesh also and tore it, and now I'm looking for an idea to fix it.

So, to answer your question, I am thinking of sewing an applique over my spot. Not J. an applique on one side, but both sides. I'm not sure yet how I will get the material off to do the sewing with my machine, but my husband is about to look and see if he can gently get it off. Here is a link to give you an idea of what I'm going to try. I will have to get creative to make sure whatever material I use blends nicely with the current theme and colors as much as possible.

See link below to get an idea of what I mean about adding an applique to the part of the mesh with holes:

I know this post is a few years old, but obviously if I found my way here, someone else who needs help may, too. Therefore, I wish anyone else who cares what their baby stuff looks like the best of luck! I know how bad it sucks to spend your hard earned money J. to have what you bought tore up (I have five I really, really know), but J. remember, there is always a way to fix something! I guess with all my boys I've J. become very creative at fixing things ;)


answers from New York on

Definately just sew the holes. Doesn't matter how it looks; at least it'll still be usable. Why spend more money on a piece of equipment when the one you have already can be stitched and used?

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