Paranoid, Scared to Death

Updated on February 13, 2015
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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I am 34... Went to my Dr. about a lump in my boob... She said she would send me for an ultrasound for peace of mind... The first imaging center I called said that it was procedure do a mammo with the ultrasound because they are able to catch more issues with a combo of the two, so I pressed to get a mammo. I have fibrocystic boobs and one is especially lumpy and gets tender so I have actually had the right breast checked by ultrasound only (no mammo) about a year ago and they said it was fine. Well now I get the mammo and they call me back 3 days afterwards, saying that there is an area of "mammographic concern" that the ultrasound tech did not image the first time I was there. It is right in the area of that right breast where they told me the fibrocystic tissue was, in the upper outer part of my breast tissue which is practically non existent anyway. They redid the ultrasound in that spot on Monday and I am waiting to hear back... They said 3-5 days and I checked with my Dr. but nothing yet...The waiting is killing me and I have a feeling they will ask for a biopsy and more waiting... I am worrying myself sick and can't stop going online to read breast cancer stories!!! Has anyone ever had a mammo look concerning and an ultrasound be requested but then it was ok? I am already completely health anxious and this is pushing me over the edge and then some. :((

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answers from New York on

I had to have a biopsy about 5 years ago and pretty much all of my friends have had biopsies down through the years. So far everyone has been cleared. Don't panic if they call you back for a biopsy - it doesn't automatically mean anything.

Best wishes.

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answers from Anchorage on

When you have fibrous tissue it can be common for areas to be hard to see on a mammo, try not to get too stressed until you know something is actually wrong. I also have fibrous breasts and have had to have lumps looked at, and even removed, but they have all come back as just being a side effect of having fibrous breast tissue. From what the Doctors have told me lumps are common in women like us.

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answers from San Francisco on

When I got my first mammo they told me it was common that about 50% of the time you would be called back for an "area of concern." Usually it's nothing, just something that is unclear the first time.
Try not to worry until/if there is something to worry about!

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answers from New York on

Same thing happened to me. All was well. Luckily enough where I go the doc reads results immediately and confers with patient. Good luck. I would call tomorrow. No reason for such a long wait.

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answers from Boston on

I understand your fear. It's paranoid - paranoia is irrational fear; but yours is normal and understandable.

I have fibrocystic breast disease and I understand the pain/tenderness. I also understand how often a mammogram comes out "suspicious" (or any other word they use). I understand that monthly self exams are pointless because you are already so lumpy, so it's ridiculous to check for lumps which, by definition, are already there.

I also have had a number of biopsies of different types. That's more waiting. It's agonizing. But ordering a biopsy doesn't mean you have cancer - it means it's another tool to let you know there's nothing there. That's so much better than "wait 6 months and come back and we'll see."

But almost all of the time, it's nothing. Yes, they have to be careful. They also, frankly, have to order a bunch of tests because, if they miss something in a very small percentage of cases, it's a lawsuit.

The diagnostic techniques are very good. Having options is a good thing.

I got rid of my cysts 5 years ago and I am starting to get used to not having those call-backs and worries. All I can tell you is, the worry accomplishes nothing except make you stressed out. Please try to go easy on yourself.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yes...every year. My doctor now just always sends me for a mammo and ultrasound together because I have cystic breast too. ultrasound tech always tells me right then and there the lumps are fluid filled cyst though so I only have to wait for the mammogram results but they typically call me the same day with the results.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have dense tissue and have to go for repeats every time. There is always some area that they didn't get a good image of that they need to check again. It has always turned out to be nothing, so now I just expect the call backs as standard for me, and I do not worry.

Eta: if you have a choice of radiology centers, you might choose somewhere else next time because like many below, at my hospital, all call backs are read by the radiologist before you leave. Much less stressful.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I just went through this. Got a call back after my screening mammogram. Made an spot for the next week.
Had diagnostic mammogram, then an ultrasound same day. Radiologist read results before I left the imaging center.
It was nothing.
8/10 times it's nothing.

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answers from Portland on

I have heard this is very common when you have cystic breast tissue. If they checked it last year, and it was ok, then it probably is still. But, keep calling and bugging your doctor. I wish you the best!

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answers from Beaumont on

It'll be okay. That is not uncommon. It is crazy that it's taking this long. I would call tomorrow and get an answer. Try not to worry. I've been called by twice myself and it was nothing.

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answers from New York on

This happens often. Something like 90% of the time, it turns out not to be anything cancer related. A routine mammo is a screening, additional screening or tests are needed often. There can be many things in breast tissue and a mammo can't necessarily show them clearly enough to know what they are.

Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

Take deep breaths, call doc again. If no result yet, keep busy.
-write down your worries to validate your feelings/acknowledge it, but put it away(burn the paper, throw it away, or put it in a drawer somewhere)
- anxiety goes down when we focus on what we can control.
Big hug,

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answers from Indianapolis on

I have had to be rechecked twice. I have fibrous tissue as well. It is scary to wait but try to stay calm. I know that's easier said than done. The last time I had to have a do over was because the tech didn't have my breast taunt enough in the machine so there was a crease. It looked like a problem but after getting the second mammo it was fine. Good luck and I hope you will hear soon.

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