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Updated on May 16, 2013
J.R. asks from Seattle, WA
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My 1.5 year old has had diarrhea for 4-days and has developed a very painful diaper rash. She slept next to me last night without a diaper (yep!! Got up to clean the squirts throughout the night. Tons of fun). This and applying a little hydrocortisone has helped a little. We've tried Boudreaux's butt paste and Desitin but they seem to worsen the problem for my daughter. Anything any of you moms and dads have tried to help relieve pain due to diaper rash? We've stopped using wipes and just rinse her bottom under water but we arent able to venture out much because of this. Looking for suggestions that helped clear things up quickly for your child.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Wash her off each and every time with clear water to get rid of the stomach acid that is on her hiney. Then take antacid liquid and dab it on her hiney with a cotton ball. This kills the acid in the pooh and off her skin.

I was told to do this for the kids in my child care center when they had severe rashes that were due to diarrhea, not for any other reason like a heat rash or yeast infection, and it would take care of it. It did.

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answers from Fort Collins on

First issue - diarrhea for 4 days. Why? Illness or food issue? Worth checking out.

Second issue - diaper rash. Could be yeast infection. Yes, these happen. Even with boys.

I would see a dr about both issues. They can give an anti-fungal, if it is yeast. (stuff like Desitin can make yeast infections worse...) And they can help figure out how to stop the diarrhea. I'd definitely move to the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) until it starts to clear up. Also, try using cloth diapers, at least until the rash clears up. Sometimes a temporary switch from disposable to cloth OR cloth to disposable can help clear up a bad rash. (And then you don't have to deal with diarrhea in your bed - YUCK!)

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answers from Charlotte on

Have you tried making sure the area is completely dry before applying diaper rash ointment? I used to gently pat dry my son with a soft cloth, then wait a few minutes for him to air dry, then applied butt paste. You can try letting her get air or even sunlight on the affected areas. But it it persists, it might be a fungal or bacterial infection. My older son also had eczema on his butt which once became infected. It required antibiotics to treat so you may need to see the pediatrician. Diarrhea for four days might require a visit to the doctor anyway. Good luck and I hope it gets better.


answers from Denver on

ive never used boudreux's but with both my kids I couldnt use the white stuff it always made it worst. We had to do the petrolium based stuff like the brown tube of A&D. that was always our go to for rashes.


answers from Jacksonville on

smear maalox on it with a cotton ball, and let it air dry.
And don't use wipes. Use a damp, very soft wash cloth with water only.

And find out why the continuing diarrhea. 4 days is too long, it should have run it's course by now and be in the recovery stage.



answers from San Antonio on

Poor thing.
At Walgreen's they sell an ointment called Calmoseptine. You have to ask for it behind the pharmacy counter, but it does not need an Rx. It is AMAZING. Apply when baby is clean and dry and then put on a diaper. It is pink, and goes on like cake frosting, so you put on a thick layer, but if you try to rub it in, it will come off. It will turn white eventually. Apply liberally and often. It works wonders.
Good Luck!



answers from Corvallis on

We found balmex as the BEST thing for diaper rash. I wouldn't use hydrocortisone - you might take your little one to the pediatrician and make sure that it isn't yeast based - if it is they can prescribe something specifically for that. Of course leaving the diaper off is always good - but messy and changing the diaper as often as it is soiled is also good but a pain. Also making sure the area is completely dry before putting on the balmex. Hope she gets better soon.

I assume you are figuring out what caused the diarrhea and making sure your child is consuming enough fluids to compensate as that is very important too.


answers from Columbia on

Miracle mix: A+D Creamy, Triple Antibiotic, Omeprazole. One tube each. Mix up and put in a jar. Apply liberally to clean tush. Don't try to wipe it off completely, just the layer that gets icky. Add more as needed. Bathe child thoroughly each night and allow butt to dry before applying again.



answers from Seattle on

Triple Paste has been a god-send for us. The cheapest place to get it is Amazon, it's on Prime, so I can get it in two days free shipping. We have struggled for over a year with our boy's diaper rash and this is the only thing that keeps it under control. Also, we saw a ped dermatologist who told us to use Cetaphil face wash on his bum using cotton pads, like what you would use for makeup removal. Target is the best and the oval rounds are a better size. Our ped derm also prescribed an antifungal, but it sounds like your rash is just due to diarrea, so might not be necessary. I totally feel your pain on this one. Good luck and I hope this helps! P.S. Don't be put off by the cost of the Triple Paste. It is worth every penny.



answers from Kansas City on

I think you need to get an anti fungal like Lotrimin. You can buy it (we get the generic) at any pharmacy or Target or wherever. Apply it twice a day and then I like to put a layer of vaseline or Aquaphor over the top just to help keep it there and stay moist.



answers from Springfield on

If Butt Paste and Destin are making it worse, that makes me think it might be a yeast rash. Those are completely different and need a different cream. Our doctor always prescribed Nystatin yeast. If she recently took antibiotics, there is a good chance it is yeast and worth a call to the ped.

My youngest had bad diarrhea for a couple of weeks once (ped ran tests, but we just had to wait it out), and he had a bad rash that Butt Paste and Destin wouldn't touch. I don't remember them making it worse, which is why I mentioned the yeast rash first. Anyway, I asked the nurse if there was something else I could try, since the rash seemed very clearly related to the diarrhea. She suggested Paladin. I had to ask the pharmacist where it was, but he found it and it worked like a charm!!!

Good luck! Poor little guy.


answers from Dallas on

Sometimes, if a rash gets too bad, putting any kind of cream or ointment will make it worse, as it keeps air from reaching the rash. My son had a really bad rash when he was younger and we discovered Anti-Monkey Butt. They make it for babies. I've only found it at Walmart but I know they sell it other places. It's a very soothing powder that has cooling properties. For my son, it soothed the burn and we left him diaperless for a couple of days. The air and powder did wonders.



answers from Anchorage on

Hi J.,

My daughter has sensitive skin and we had the issue that with each stool, loose or hard she getting a bad rash. We went to the doctors and she prescribed an anti-fungal and when that didn't work, she prescribed a steroid. After the rash went away, it came right back. We kept going to the doctors. Finally, I changed her diapers to a non- perfumed brand, changed the wipes to sensitive skin without fragrance, and started using A&D everyday and that has helped a lot. When the rash subsides, I'll stop using the A&D until it comes back again. But I would consult with your daughter's pediatrician first. I do hope your daughter feels better and all the wonderful advice we have given helps your daughter gets better!

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