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Updated on September 05, 2008
M.S. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
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Can you suggest to me which over the counter teeth whitener is best. I have not explored this avenue yet and would like to get rid of tea and coffee stains.

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answers from Phoenix on

I use Ultra Brite toothpaste - $0.97 at Target - and my teeth look great. The dentist even commented on how white they are. I learned of this toothpaste in Consumer Reports magazine.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi M.,

I am very much involved in natural medicine since it saved my sister's life years ago.

I do not use ANY toothpaste that has flouride in it, don't use any whitner and am a tea and coffee drinker. In spite of at least 2-3 cups a day, I am often asked what I use to get my teeth so white.

It's my toothpaste......"JASON'S" POWERSMILE....it is a NATURAL whitner and flouride free. You can get it at Whole Foods, Fry's or any other health food store.

If you are interested at all in natural and avoiding toxins, I recommend you sign up online for the free newsletter from Dr. Mercola. It is Mercola.com I also recommend BeyondHealth.com. He is a scientist that has written many books and is part of the reason my sister is still with us today.

If you don't sign up for the newsletters, just go there and do a search on flouride.

Wishing you and your family well,

If you have any questions, you can email me.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have a friend who is a dentist and she recommends Crest Premium White Strips for OTC whitening. Good luck!


answers from Phoenix on

I used Crest Premium White strips after my husband bought them and couldn't keep them on his teeth! I had no problems with them and the results were fantastic! I didn't think I even needed to whiten my teeth, but lemma tell ya...I was getting comments left and right on how WHITE my teeth were when I was done using them. I think all OTC whiteners will work as long as they are used correctly -- just try to imagine having to keep something on your teeth for a while and how you would handle it. You may just consider going to a dentist also as it's fast and overwith in one session. Good luck and happy whitening!



answers from Phoenix on

I'd be cautious...I have heard some bad stuff about some of the products. An honest dentist might be better.
There is some difference they say between whitening and bleaching. What disturbs me is the idea of altering the tooth structure with whatever is done. I am not prone to decay or problems...what if I "improve" my teeth, and I start getting some issues? I'd rather have strong stained teeth.



answers from Phoenix on

I like the Crest White Strips. They are easy for me...but not for everyone. My husband tried them and couldn't keep them on his teeth. They caused him to create an extra amount of spit which made them slip off. (It sounds grosse, but was uncrontrollable for him, he doesn't like things on his teeth) They have the premium ones that work in days as opposed to a week. I used them before my wedding and they worked great. Just a note...my teeth became a bit sensitive after a couple of days, but the sensitivity did go away after a couple of weeks.



answers from Santa Fe on

I used Crest white strips with great results. Even my dentist was impressed. FYI: nothing will bleach fake enamel (I have two bonded teeth) I had to have them redone after I whitened the rest of my teeth!



answers from Indianapolis on

I HIGHLY recommend Crest White Strips. I have been using them for years and constantly get compliments on how WHITE my teeth are. They are fairly inexpensive compared to what a dentist can offer. They have a bunch of different kinds you can try, for example a 2 week program or a daily. I started off with the 2 week, then I went to 1 week, and now I use the daily care. I use them every 6 months! Good luck!



answers from Albuquerque on

I have a great tooth whitener that I use. Check it out on www.dreamfit.mychoices.biz. It is under yhe personal section. The strips and the pen are great. I really like the pen bacause you just brush it on and go. It really works also. Let me know what you think!




answers from Phoenix on

There is a dentist, Amanda Juarez, who gives free whitening if you go in for a check up. I like her as a dentist. I had my teeth whitened and I am happy with the results. The refill tubes are 4 for $100 though. I think I will need to touch up soon and it has been 2 years.



answers from Phoenix on

Ok, I would love to find one myself.
thay all seem so pricey and if they dont work it would be such a waist of money. I dont mind paying for it if it works.
Thanks, C.



answers from Anchorage on

Hi M. -

Be careful using the over the counter teeth whitening products. They contain an acid like chemical that actually "bleaches" or removes the top layer of enamel on your teeth, making them more suseptible to decay. Also, unless you have stopped drinking tea and/or coffee, once you use this type of product, you will find the stains return even darker than they were the first time around. You can try brushing your teeth with baking soda - will lessen the stains and save your enamel.

Good luck,

M. M. Ernsberger
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

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