Organic Hair and Skin Care Products for Babies and Kids

Updated on November 30, 2010
A.S. asks from Simi Valley, CA
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How important is it for you that your children use organic products for bathing? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most important. Just curious as I manufacturer an organic skin care line called Nature's Baby Organics. My girls just had truly tricky skin, eczema, allergies, you name it.

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So What Happened?

Great responses from all and I appreciate the moms taking the time to share their thoughts. FYI Nature's Baby Organics is signers of the Campaign for Safe Products as well as being members of OTA & Peta. All our products get a 0-2 rating on the EWG Cosmetic Data Base.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sorry, not important. I grew up on J&J's Baby Shampoo and Baby Powder (you know, the stuff you aren't supposed to use now) and did fine. My son has really dry skin so we use Cetaphil with great results. Food, on the other hand, is a different issue. Certain foods I will buy organic because pesticide residues can persist in certain foods (like fruits where the skin is consumed). By the way, organic does not equate with hypoallergenic! I was given organic baby products that did not agree with my son's skin and did cause eczema.

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answers from Las Vegas on

10...I have been switching to organic products and I currently use your line, so thank is great

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answers from Dallas on

Hi, I am constantly looking for good shampoo and skin care products for my kids. Here is my ultimate goal (currently use Aveno baby). No dyes, no harmful chemicals, fragrance free or very lighly scented (most kids products are too scented, smelly) in a functional bottle so that my 4 and 6 year old can pump an approriate amount for the hair and body without having to pick up a slipper bottle that will fall on their toes in the shower. It seems like a simple request but I have yet to find all those things in one bottle. PLUS I need a conditioner option as well. Hope this helps....


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I could understand it would be a 10 for someone that has allergies, eczema, etc., but for my children that do not have any of those things - it's a 1. I truly do not see a reason to spend more money on items that a $2 bottle of shampoo can do. Sorry. We do have a girl here at work whose children are allergic to almost everything under the sun and she would jump on your products. She also uses the California Baby. Her son has eczema and she thought Burt's Bees would be great... her son broke out in welts! They were all over his legs and arms - where she had applied the lotion. So anything that is close to the California Baby would be a great sell point for her.

Good luck with your business!


answers from San Diego on

10. From skin care to diapers, we use only organic/recycled/biodegradable. We were using G-Diapers since our son was born, but recently switched to a fully disposable recycled biodegradable diaper that my husband found. 7th generation is recycled but not biodegradable, so 500 years in the landfill was too much for us, we had to find something else. G-Diapers are cute too, but fully disposable is a lot easier with poops;) Skin care and household products, we use mostly Method.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've used and have loved Sensaria Natural Bodycare for eight years now. It was developed by a scientist who had severe allergies and skin problems. The line is free of the petrochemicals (petroleum), no dyes, no sodium laurel sulfates, no harsh anything. Plant extracts and essential oils are used for the scents instead of the synthetic perfumes. It has been great for those with eczema and psoriasis and there is a one-year guarantee. They do use organic ingredients but it is not 100$ organic.More cost effective than California Baby.

So I say check out the line to see what you will want to improve on or become a representative and join my team so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

btw - I say if it is organic and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, absolutely but having clean products without the junk is most important because those ingredients are what causes the harm to the skin conditions.




answers from Los Angeles on

I use Nature's Baby which I get at babies R us and Burt's Bees which I get at Target. I love them both... it is important that we all use as much organic stuff as possible. There is a reason that cancer and other serious illnesses are on the uprise...


answers from Los Angeles on

It's a 10 in our household. We have no allergies, but I'm super privy to natural/organic foods and products and we consult Environmental Working Group's ratings of all body products before buying anything for the body.



answers from Los Angeles on

10. I don't understand why anyone would want to put toxins on their child (or themselves for that matter).



answers from Cincinnati on

It is extremely important to my husband - I would say a 10. We use California Baby, which is not only organic but has no perfumes in it as well, making it even purer than Burt's Bees (although I also love BB for myself).


answers from Greensboro on

I have recentIy become aware of the abundance of harmful agents in water, skin, and hair products. Food I have mostly known much about in terms of what to do at best. However, it is very important for my children to have beneficial and unharmful products for skin and hair. I want to learn more on how to reach that goal.

I just went to EWG cosmetics data base to review your product, and I was quite confused since that was my first time going there ever. So, what exactly does a rating of 2 means. I understand that concerns listed for certain ingredients in your products, but what makes a rating good or bad.

I especially want to get away from sodium laureth sulfate!



answers from San Francisco on

This is a 10 for us, we had problems with preservatives and bad reactions with Burts Bees so we use Nature's baby on our little ones. After reviewing California Baby we found they have very little or no organic in their products. We also tried to call Cal-Baby to find out what they use as a preservative and had no luck reaching them, so without knowing what is their product we stick with Nature's baby Organics They also have their 16oz size available in a pump bottle available in both shampoo and conditioner, these are great for my older daughter to use in the bath, she also loves their Vanilla Tangerine bubble bath. We get them all at



answers from Las Vegas on

I care about my children's hygiene and how to make it work for them as for us. But all I see is price increase for organic products. Everyone says organic is better but if it's better and safer wouldn't it be cheaper than the other products so this world can be safe. But instead its more expensive. I don't get it. HOwever I have not tried organic products ever for the prices are beyond our family of 5 a one budget income

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