What Face Lotion Do You Use for Your Babies?

Updated on July 30, 2010
J.A. asks from Buena Park, CA
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Hello mommies! I have a 4 month old, who has sensitive skin/ prone to eczema. I would like to know what you are using for your babies on their faces? I've used aquaphor when he has eczema flair ups, but I'm looking for something that I can apply to his face everyday after a bath. The Baby Aveeno didn't work too well for me (had a slight reaction to it). I would like to be able to purchase these items at the local store, such as target, BRU, toyrus, cvs, etc (sorry, no home based businesses). I heard good things about Burt Bees and California Baby. What is your opinion? What have you used? Feed back please. Thank you kindly :)

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So What Happened?

such a great response! Thank you ladies!! I did check out the cosemtic database.com site to see what certain products were rated. I think I will stick to the organic/natural route that scored 0-2 on the 'risk scale.' Maybe when my little gets older, I will be able to use other products with a bit more chemicals in them. THank you everyone!! I am going to try the organic brands that some mamas have mentioned. Crossing fingers that one will work. Thanks again!!

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answers from New York on

Love california baby, but also use Noodle and Boo. All hypoallergenic, no animal testing and % of proceeds goes to various cildrens charities.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Honestly, I use plain, old fashion, sometimes generic, vaseline. There's nothing glamorous about it, but it works, doesn't irritate skin and is cheap. It also lasts for days!

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answers from Portland on

I have sensitive skin, too. Here's a great website that will allow you to check out the ingredients in any product you want to try (you can usually find ingredient lists online before you buy): http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

You can enter any ingredient (and many commercial products) in the search box, then read down the page for a whole list of possible side effects. For Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil), for example, you'll find out that studies link it to sensitization (allergic reactions) and possible estrogenic and anti-androgenic activity (resulting in rare breast enlargement in boys). It's really great finding out ahead of time which products are least likely to create or contribute to a problem.

I've personally learned to go with as pure and simple a solution as I can find. This means (for me) olive oil or purified lanolin on my skin, both soothing and moisturizing. But I'm sure even those could cause problems for other people.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I use California Baby Baby Oil instead of a lotion, but it's great for daily moisturizing! My son doesn't have sensitive skin, but the skin on his legs is like an alligator when not moisturized! I used Burt's Bees Baby Oil for a while, but it does contain fragrance, and so in the end I decided CB (which does not contain fragrance, only natural oils) was a better choice for daily use.

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answers from Seattle on

I would love to recommend an article by Dr. Sears regarding soap, bathes and young babies. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/11/T110230.asp

Basically it says (and I know this sounds crazy but hold on...) that most babies are over washed and over soaped. That bathes should are mostly recreation, at that age, since they aren't in the dirt, or getting into the dog water or what have you. All soap, he claims, is a mild irritant and should be used sparingly, especially for kids with sensitive skin as it will exacerbate Eczema or dry skin. So he says use water and only a little bit of mild soap on areas that really need it (like under the chin and neck and behind ears).

Okay, so that being said, perhaps bathing your baby less often and with less soap, he would have less reactions and would not need the lotion as often or as much.

What I used to lubricate my baby (she has dry sensitive skin) was olive oil. When she had a spot that was especially dry I would mix a dab of pure vitamin E in with a little olive oil and reapply twice a day until cleared up.

Now that she is older I use the Burt Bees soap and a natural adult lotion made mostly from shae butter. Good luck finding something that works you and your baby!

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answers from Honolulu on

You've already got some good advice. I would try burts bees too. Although my son never had eczema, he did have baby acne around 1 month old. It cleared up within 2 days of using the burt's bees baby wash. Though I think I was using aveno fragrence free lotion at the time.

Another thing worth trying is pure lanolin (only for patches, not the entire face). My son has gotten a couple of dry patches on his arms in the past & this cleared it up within a few days. Just use the stuff in the tube (sold for breastfeeding). It's really sticky so just rub it on a little & leave it (before bed).

Hope you find something!



answers from Los Angeles on

did you use the baby aveeno eczema therapy? that worked for my son.



answers from Detroit on

Talk to your baby's doctor.



answers from Los Angeles on

I like triple cream. It is made by the same people who make triple paste.



answers from Los Angeles on

We use Nature's Baby Organics fragrance free lotion, made with 70% certified organic ingredients, which I developed for my girls. They both suffered from extreme skin allergies and eczema.

Our products also get a 0-2 rating on the EWG cosmetic database and we are a Premium Body Care vendor of Whole Foods.

However, I would strongly recommend trying all new products on a small area of the skin. Just because it is natural does not mean that your child will not react.

You also might want to look at our soothing stick which a USDA certified organic product made with over 99% certified organic ingredients. It has Tamanu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Chamomile and Sunflower Oil. It was made to help soothe eczema flare ups. Our web address is www.naturesbaby.com





answers from San Diego on

We used Eucerin or Cetaphil for my son. He had really sensitive skin when he was a baby. I would ask your pediatrician though because we were told that some lotions actually cause a thinning of the skin and you want to make sure you stay away from that.

A friend of mine is from India and she used olive oil with both her kid's. It was a beautiful routine that she had, she would massage them w/ the oil at least once daily.

Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

We use California Baby Super Sensitive or Cetaphil. Both are fragrance free and readily available at Target etc. My kids and I have eczema and a little bit of sunshine on the affected parts clears it up in about 2 days. Maybe 5-10 minutes of sun without sunscreen. Really not much, just a little. Also, if you're able to keep him cool, that might help. Too many layers can actually encourage it.



answers from Washington DC on

Mustela... they have many products, but for the face, I use their lotion specifically made for very young babies' faces.



answers from San Francisco on

I love little twig products as they are organic and natural. You can actually enter a giveaway now to win a travel pack and try their products out.



answers from Los Angeles on

Many of my clients/customers have children on the autism spectrum and deal with allergies and sensitivities to so many of the skin care products out there and they have loved having Sensaria's products to use now. With the Cetaphils and other products that you get from the store, the problem is that they contain petroleum which is not good for our babies nor ourselves. Most products that you are using to clean with have some type of sodium laurel sulfate in them which will also irritate the skin and with eczema make it even worse. Sensaria does not have these ingredients nor dyes, phthalates, synthetic perfume, and the whole family can and will love to use them.

When you say 'no home based businesses' you are missing out on what are possibly the best products in the industry and a better value:o) Sensaria offers a one-year guarantee on their products as well which no other skin care company can do. California Baby is a good, 'clean' product though it is expensive. If your baby is having food allergies then I would stay away from Burt's Bees as it contains soy and gluten. Aveeno is an oat product so if it is gluten that your baby has a problem with, then this would be the reason why.

Do you know what is causing the eczema for your baby? This is not normal, though nowadays it is sadly, and could be a reaction to something such as soy, dairy, wheat, eggs. You don't say if you are nursing or using a formula. Try an elimination diet - if you aren't sure about how to do that send me an email. My daughter had severe eczema and asthma for the first several years of her life until we started using the Sensaria products and then eliminated everything from her diet that showed up on an IgG test (the major ones were eggs, soy, gluten, casein/dairy, yeast). I would also caution you on vaccines as they contain these ingredients in them. Check out Dr. Robert Sears book, The Vaccine Book, so you can figure out what your baby needs and when.

My daughter was to only take a bath once or twice a week because of the severity of the eczema. After we started using the Sensaria bath wash as a bubble bath (no more infections for little and big girls) her skin got better and she could play in the water for an hour every day if she wanted and she did.



answers from Los Angeles on

I use Renew from Melaleuca the Wellness Co. It comes with loads of testimonials and I used it on my sons bottom and my own eczema...(which happened to be on my nursing breasts...so to not have to use something harmful or to cause me to stop nursing was a blessing) you can get a little travel size for just a couple of dollars. WELL WORTH IT!



answers from Columbus on

we use Gold Bond. It is in the white and pink bottle and is fragrance free. My son is 4 years old and I had to spend a year on medicine for him for very sensitive skin. So far, the Gold Bond Fragrance Free has worked best for us. You can get it at Target for less than $5, or Sams Club sells them in the gian t bottles.. hahaha. Also, coupons are in the Sunday paper about once every month to 6 weeks so that helps on cost too.

Good Luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I swear by Melaleuca for my eczema but for my baby I use the baby lotion in the pink bottle and it works GREAT! Good luck and congratulations!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I use Nature's Baby Organics Face & Body Lotion. Their whole line is sensitive on the skin and the lotion is very light! My one year old puts out her hand out and says "lotion" in the cutest little baby talk. She loves it.


answers from Provo on

Mustela! Expensive, but really great. It's at babies R Us.



answers from Detroit on

We use Arbonne's ABC Baby products they are great for Eczema and sensative skin for babies and adults too! No added perfumes, dyes or mineral oil. Made with only natural herbs and botanicals. If you would like to try a free sample send me a private message.




answers from Fresno on

I recommed Eucerin- just make sure fragrance free.

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