Non-Candy Ideas for Party Favors

Updated on June 28, 2011
M.P. asks from Peoria, IL
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I'm having a party for my four- and six-year old boys. I would like some ideas for party favors. I don't want to get stuff that kids will end up using for a few days and then toss and I don't want to buy a lot of candy/junk food either. The party will be outdoors with a water bouncy. I already got water guns for a party our years ago. Could I do that again? Any other ideas??? Party is this weekend too. I know, I'm a procrastinator.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the great suggestions!!! I went to Target and hit the dollar spot and got little cooler bags (instead of plastic throw aways) and inside I put trial size sunscreen (since they will need it the day of the party), those foam water shooter things, pencils and a small bag of snack size Oreos. I love all the great ideas and I will use some of them next year!!! Thanks.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Water guns, stickers, bubbles in bottles with wands, frisbees, hacky sacks, sidewalk chalk, books, small tubs of playdough or "slime", playing cards...we've used all of these in the past year for "boy" parties and they were all hits ; )

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answers from Seattle on

water guns
glow sticks
bounce balls or beach balls
water bottles
hacky sacks
sidewalk chalk
bath bubbles

Gift certificates (a couple $1 ones) for icecream

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answers from San Francisco on

Little boys (and girls!) love water guns. No need to get anything else :)

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answers from Tampa on

Of course you could do water guns again!!! My son Always loved them!! what about bubbles?? bouncy balls. Stickers.Stuff like that..i live near a party store and they have all kinds of things like that for pretty cheap and they have them in the bins where you can grap as many as you need instead of buying a huge package if u dont need that many!!! Hope the party is great!!!

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answers from Atlanta on

Water guns are perfect! Those splash balls are usually a hit as well and they all seem to love bubbles and play doh too. Silly putty, bobo paddles and comic books are also fun!

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answers from Orlando on

Check out the dollar section at Target. At least the one down here has pack of those spash ball things, 3/$1. There are also some ball and cup catcher things, I think boys would like.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi. I would suggest going to the Dollar Tree. They have a bunch of fun stuff for kids goody bags. You can get this long squirt gun/sword suoer easy to fill, sprays far and the kids love them. They also have the balls you play with in the water as well as sinking toys to dive for, etc. lots of things to choose from. I agree goody bags are always filled with little junk that breaks and gets thrown away in a a couple of days. I think you would find something here for sure. Good Luck



answers from Chicago on

Outdoor summer items- water balloons, water guns, bubbles, sand molds, someone mentioned glow sticks (I always give those in favor bags and they are always a hit), smaller rubber bouncy balls, someone else mentioned frisbees. One year for my daughter's outdoor birthday party I got small pails and shovels from the dollar store and filled them with a bunch of the above items, small boxes of crayons and coloring books, stickers- all stuff I found at Dollar Tree. Really cute and the kids loved them. Good luck and have fun!


answers from Jacksonville on

Get a bulk bag of waterguns. Don't worry about having given them before. They rarely last from one season to the next anyway.

Are you doing water bombs, too? Those are pretty cheap and a big hit with the kids usually.

My kids went to a party where all the kids were given a bag with sunglasses and sunblock inside. You could go to walmart and get some of the "travel size" sunblock tubes and give those.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son's good bags consisted of stickers, stencils, little bouncy ball and I got some fruit strips (there's some at Target) and animal crackers. The first thing the kids ate when they opened them were the fruit strips.


answers from Los Angeles on

We've done $2 gift certificates to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream shops several years and this year gave out Ziggy Marley's "Family Time" CD for kids. Both big hits!


answers from Chicago on

I go to the Dollar Store and see what kind of toys they have - most times there are baggies of party favors/toys. In addition I will get stickers and other things I know most kids like.



answers from Chicago on

I rarely give out candy as favors. Here are somethings I have done for my son - dollar store has great balls or pails and shovels - good summer fun stuff!
Matchbox cars. Target has little pots with seeds in the dollar section. I have even received a toothbrush/mini toothpaste as favors - cute! activity books from the dollar store! Sunglasses - a lot of stores have them on sale now - children's place or target - $1!
Small craft kits from Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I've started buying a bunch of books...all different...and making up a book mark that says 'Thanks for coming to the party'. I let each guest choose a book and book marker on their way out of the party. I spend about $5 or less per book and everyone has loved it so far!



answers from San Diego on

We just went to a party that gave really cool favors. They were reusable lunch sacks with water bottles and glow sticks inside. (They also included a Pez dispenser, but totally not necessary.) I think they got the water bottles really cheap at Michael's.



answers from Chicago on

Im not sure if you theme your parties or not, but we have for the last few years found a book that matches the theme. Amazon sometimes sells offers a 4 for 3 promotion and if you pick a cheaper book it usually costs you less than all the dollar store junk. Not to knock the dollar store, I love it for other things. I just think a book is something the kids can actually keep and use. We also write (or print out on labels) a little "thank you" note and stick it on the inside cover. Sometimes you can get really lucky and find a good book at the dollar store!

Just another idea.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Why not extend that fun and get little packages of balloons so they can do water balloons at home, a bottle of bubbles, and some sidewalk chalk. All could fit in one of those little party favor bags and the price could be pretty inexpensive esp if you go to one of the party stores or WalMart/Target.



answers from Honolulu on

GREAT personalized kids things, fair priced, my friend orders things from here all the time. Good quality.

I still have the things for my kids, from the parties she's had. ie: the personalized tags and place-mats etc.

Oh well, your party is this weekend. Not enough time to order online.

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