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Updated on February 01, 2010
S.C. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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My daughter has on her registry a no drop side crib. Does anyone have an opinion or input about these? Is the side that is lower the same height with mattress at lowest point the same as the old style drop side crib?? I would appreciate any input.


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answers from New York on

My son had a no drop side crib which converted into a full size bed, that he uses now. I am 5'1 and didn't have any problems with it. The mattress adjusted with the babes ability to sit/stand etc. When the baby can't sit up, you use the highest level. It's very easy to get the baby in and out, and when it's at the lowest level, the baby can already stand so it's not difficult to get him/her in and out.
I am pregnant with my second and after doing a ton of research, I would NOT get a drop side crib. Even if it hasn't been recalled yet, there's still a chance. If you look of the webiste (Consumer Product Safety Commission) all of the cribs have been recalled for issues related to the drop side.
Congratulations by the way!!

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answers from Washington DC on

We got a no drop lifetime crib after our drop-side crib was recalled. The mattress levels were the same. I found that I did have to get a small step stool to help when the mattress was at the lowest level. Not that I needed it to reach her, but when I reached over, I would rub my rib cage on the no drop side and it got a bit sore after a while.

Other than that, we had no problems.



answers from Minneapolis on

I was concerned about being able to reach my daughter since I am 5'3" with a lifetime crib. We did have a drop down crib at first but it was recalled....not due to the drop down part but because the bars were made too thin and could break.

I found that I was able to safely put my daughter down in the crib when she was very little and the mattress was at the highest point. As she grew and her skills improved (sitting up ect.) we dropped the mattress level. By the time she was at the lowest setting, I was still able to put her down to sleep (at 25 months old) WHILE I was 6 months pregnant. I held on to the back of one leg and the back of her shoulders when I put her in. When she was awake in the morning, she was standing.

The other advantage to having a lifetime crib is that you spend the money on ONE bed, not three for the child. Most turn from a crib, to a toddler bed (front rails taken off and a safety rail is put in, crib mattress used), to a daybed (front rails taken off and safety rail off, crib mattress used), to a full/queen sized bed later (front rails are foot board and back rails/board is head board, with obviously a full/queen mattress added).

I paid much more money for the lifetime crib, but feel it was worth it. I do think it is MUCH more sturdy than the first crib.

Hope this helped!



answers from Philadelphia on

They have changed the way cribs are being made.. To my understanding all cribs are no drop down sides.. Something about kids where getting hurt, due to being caught inbetween the matteres and the the drop down rail.. or something like that..


answers from Pittsburgh on

Your daughter is smart!
I made a big deal of getting a drop side crib for my second child, then never used it. Why? Because it inevitably made a noise that woke up my sleeping baby! I took a poll and most all of them do that, IMO. :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I love no drop side cribs! we have one for DS and it works great. Even MIL who is barely 5' can get him in and out during sleep. I feel they are much safer, especially after the massive recall just in the last few weeks of a huge % of the drop side cribs on the market.



answers from Philadelphia on

All I know is we had one and it got recalled and many drop side cribs have been recalled recently. That is probably the reason she doesn't want one. I am not sure the best style because I usually have no trouble getting a baby out without the drop side, but newer models seem a bit easier to navigate than older models. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Well many drop side cribs are recalled. My daughter is 22mos and her second crib was recalled! The first was too! So after research they consider the ones that don't drop safer so I think you may be seeing more of these types. Its harder to get them if it doesn't drop but if its safer I rather that myself:)



answers from Pittsburgh on

My guess is that within 1-2 years you won't be able to buy a drop-side crib any more--- they are already illegal in some countries that take child safety more seriously than we do here. You basically have 2 choices: a regular crib, or a lifetime or "convertible" crib that can, with an additional kit, become a full-sized bed later on. The Baby Bargains book is probably your best source for reviews about different cribs. We have a convertable from Munire we like very much.

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