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Updated on January 11, 2011
V.S. asks from Matthews, NC
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I need some advice on this. When did your child start potty training at night? We put my 3-year old daughter in her day time underwear last night for the first time to let her try out the potty training during night time, but she did not do well and of course wetted her bed. It didn't phase or bother her and she slept right through it. Is it too early to do this or what did you do with your child that was successful? Do you wake them up during the night to get them to potty? We had been using pullups during the night. I know about limiting the drinks before bedtime, so any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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answers from Honolulu on

Night time dryness is not something that is BIOLOGICALLY attained, until even 7 years old, and is completely normal.
It has to do with their physiological development... not them being naughty or lazy.

Just use a waterproof bed pad directly under him. That is what I do. My kids are 4 & 8 years old. I have 4 of them that I just rotate, if need be. Makes clean up real easy. I got it from Amazon.

My daughter was already 5 years old, still using night time diapers... (pull-ups are useless because they do not hold much and leak and are expensive). THEN one day, SHE told us, she was 'ready' for just wearing underwear at night. She was right.

I do NOT wake up my kids at night just to go potty. I rather them sleep. I do not restrict liquids at night either.

My son is 4, and still wears night time diapers and for naps. He is not dry.

Bear in mind, even if dry at night... there WILL be times when a child DOES have a pee accident in bed. It is normal. It is childhood.
My daughter, even when 7 years old, had pee accidents sometimes. Once, she even had a dream that she WAS on the toilet, until she felt herself wet. NO biggie. I just change the waterproof bed pad, she changes pj's and back to bed. I put the bedpad DIRECTLY under my kids, not under the fitted sheet. The sheets never gets soiled that way.

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answers from Anchorage on

Unlike daytime potty training, night dryness is not a behavioral issue, it is a physiological one. At some point the bladder matures to the point where a child will either hold the urine all night, or the body will wake the child up to go. Waking a child at night to "train" will not work, and will only make everyone tired, and pushing the issue when the bladder is not yet mature is only setting the kid up for heart break and disappointment. The average age that night dryness is achieved is between 2 and 5, with 6 or 7 not uncommon. For some kids it is even later, my nephew was 8 and my cousin was 12. Keep your daughter in pull ups until she has woken up dry every morning for a month.

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answers from Gainesville on

Jen C is right on the money. Totally different from day dryness. Can't rush it or train the body to hold it all night. The body has to be physically and neurologically ready.

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answers from Dallas on

We used pull ups at night with our son until he had 2 weeks of dry pull ups. Make it something fun, start a sticker chart. The goal being big girl panties all the time and maybe a special treat.

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answers from Bakersfield on

Try making her go before bed as well.
Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

When my daughter was 4 we stopped using pull-ups. We would make her go before bed (around 8pm) and then when we went to sleep (11pm) we would pick her up and sit her on the toilet to have her go again. We had her do the 11pm pee for 3-4 months and she was almost always dry till the morning. Once she got the hang of knowing that she is not in a pull up anymore, we stopped doing the 11pm pee and most nights if she has to go she will wake us up otherwise she waits till morning. We have only had maybe 5 accidents in 9 months.

Good luck!



answers from Memphis on

Kids are different {shrug}. My younger son has been dry more often than wet when he woke up from nap-time and even from over-night sleep, since he was just a few months old; and now at the age of 4.5 y/o, rarely wets the bed (he's been potty-trained since about the age of 2-2.5 y/o, and went very quickly into underwear all night -- I'm not bragging, just saying how he was). Plus, sometimes at nights, I know he would wake up and go to the bathroom by himself (our rooms and the b/r are close together, so I'd sometimes see/hear him), but I haven't seen him do that lately. My older son, on the other hand (now age 6), still has night-time accidents with some regularity (see, I wasn't bragging about my other son because I don't know how much of it was due to my fabulous parenting, ;-) and how much is just "one of those things"). He p/t about 2.5 y/o, and was fairly quick about p/t during the day-time, but still wore diapers to bed (including during nap-time -- he took naps until close to 5 y/o) for probably at least another year or more (I never got them pull-ups, so it was just until he outgrew the size 6 diapers, or started waking up dry more often than not).

There have been times when I wish that I still had my older son in overnight diapers, because he seems to go through phases where he'll wet the bed several times in a row, but then he'll go a month without any accidents. [Part of that, I think, was due to him waking up in the night to go pee, but being too scared to get out of bed and go to the bathroom - even with nightlights and no "reason" to be scared. Most of it is due to him just sleeping through it, though, I think.]

So, long story short, she *may* be able to, and she may *not* be able to; it just depends on the child and his/her development.

First, I limit the amount of water they drink within an hour or so of bedtime. That has been a big help, especially with my older son who tends to drinks a *lot*. Then I make them go potty right before bed (they can get a sip or two of water when they brush their teeth, but nothing major, unless they seem really thirsty/dehydrated because they haven't drunk enough during the day), and they go straight to bed. They both know that they can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, if they need to go potty, but I don't know that they ever do. My SIL would wake up her daughter in the middle of the night when she was about your daughter's age, and make her go potty, to eliminate night-time accidents, but I don't like waking up sleeping babies or children, so never did that. But perhaps you would want to try that.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We switched from pull ups to underwear at night when DS was 2-1/2. He maybe had two accidents. The boy has incredible bladder capacity. He occasionally gets up at night and goes to the bathroom himself (doesn't flush and I'm sure doesn't wash hands but if I don't have to get out of bed I can live with it). We probably could have done it at 25 months when we daytime trained but he was in a crib then. We were not excited about having to get up and take him to the bathroom in the middle of the night so we waited.



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter mastered it around age 4. My son, at 4 announced that he was done with night time diapers. Then he had accidents several nights in a row so we put him back in them. tonight he fought me tooth and nail and I told him that he could keep them off if he went potty before bed which he did. Hopefully he will be okay. We put a little potty in his room for a while with a night light, now we have a night light in the bathroom for him to get up to. It can take up until age 7. All you can do is test it. If she continues to wet for a few more nights, then put her back in pullups at night for a while.



answers from Dallas on

I love what they are saying about the bladder being mature and it's not a behavioral thing.
AWESOME! Stickers are great as well.... be careful what the special treat is.
We are considdered a nation of Obese people. When a girl reaches 10-13 year stage *I THINK that is the correct ages, please correct me if I'm wrong* they tend to be very unsure of themselves. Tending to eat to gain comfort.
Be aware of this as we could be teaching our children to self comfort with food.
I had a parent tell me to give her daughter M n M's when she pee peed in the potty. It got to the point that when she wanted one she would scream she had to go! I would put her on the potty and she would strain until a single drop of urine came out then demand the candy.
What was learned? not the potty training but how to get the treat.



answers from Johnson City on

My son has been daily potty trained for about a year. We have been using pull up at night because he wouldn't wake up to go. He just turned 4 and we have been trying again with the underwear and he has done great. No accidents. Give it time, that is somehting there body's have to be ready for....if she wakes up for a few nights dry you could always try again.



answers from Fayetteville on

I would keep her in night time pull-ups for a while longer. I'm sure you're doing everything right. Her little bladder may not be ready to hold it through the night just yet.

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