New Stove (I Can't Believe How I Ruined the One I Have!)

Updated on February 24, 2013
J.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I can't believe I did this. I put a pot on the stove to steam vegi's and apparently neglected to add water to the bottom pot. So, it overheated. Then it melted. Yes. The pot melted onto the top of my stove. Molten metal. ACK! Thankfully my husband was home when I did it. Then, the glass top melted under the molten metal. That's right. Then as it cooled, it broke into tiny glass shards that kept flying off the stove top.

SO - I'm getting a new slide in range.

Currently my kitchen has stainless appliances. I hate them. That's right. I'm the only person in the world (apparently) who hates stainless steel appliances.

Someday we'll refinish the whole kitchen. I want a double oven. Right now, that's not happening, so I'm getting a new range.

Would you just get stainless to match the other appliances? Or should I get black?

Or, am I missing something, or am I the only one who struggles to keep their stainless stuff smudge free?


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answers from New York on

That's why I got clean-steel. Does not show anything. Love it.


That's why I got clean-steel. Does not show anything. Love it.

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answers from Nashville on

I have a combination (since everything goes out at different times!!!) of Stainless and black (stove), black (refrigerator and upright freezer), and brushed nickel (looks like stainless - dishwasher). The combination of the 3 actually look good together most people can't tell that the dishwasher is brushed nickel and not stainless, but it doesn't show the fingerprints like the stainless does!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

No answer to your question, but I do have a funny stove ruining story to help you laugh! :)

When I was pregnant with my son, I was a part time nanny (Still am, just for different families). I was 39 weeks pregnant and the parents wanted to go on a date night but didn't want to leave me alone with their daughter when I was so close to delivering. So I gave them my younger sister's number. She was 16, almost 17, and loved babysitting so I figured she could handle a quick date night.

About 2 hours before the parents were supposed to be home, my sister calls me and tell me that she is throwing up sick and needs to go home... So I went and switched with her, figuring even if I went into labor while I was there it was only 2 hours and who delivers a baby in two hours, right? Anyways, I get there and she's acting very nervous. I asked her what was wrong...

She had made pizza for dinner, but had mistook a PLASTIC fruit/vegi dish as a pizza pan. Yes... She put PLASTIC INSIDE the oven... And cooked it. Oh... My... God...

It had melted everywhere, all over the inside of my BOSS'S oven. AAAH!!!

It took several hours of scraping to get all of that plastic out, the oven was fine, and thankfully the parent's weren't too mad... And I didn't go into labor that night... But talk about a heart attack, Lol.

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answers from San Francisco on

I would get black. I hate stainless, too. My husband ordered a new fridge for us, and I love it except that it's stainless. What a pain in the $%^ to keep clean! UGH! And honestly, I think stainless is a moment that has passed. Just go with black.

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answers from Washington DC on

I HATE STAINLESS. If you plan on staying in the house, get the black. It's cheaper and easier to clean. If there is even a small possibility of resale on your home, go stainless. I have a range currently that is black on top, stainless everywhere else.

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answers from Austin on

We replaced our oven/stove in November... and ya know what? it was SO hard to find a non-glass cooktop range!

We didn't WANT a glass cooktop... we already knew how much trouble they were... (hubby grew up installing appliances, and knew of their bad reputation, even though they didn't have them back then....)

Really.... it seemed that all of the big box places maybe had 1 to choose from?

I second what Riley said about glass cooktops.... stay away from them!

And.. I don't like stainless, either... but I went with white....

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answers from Dallas on

I have a cooktop that is black with stainless trim that I like.
I have a stainless dishwasher, black double oven and my old faithful white fridge. Upgradeing my fridge is the next plan. I don't like black for that huge an appliance so I am thinking faux stainless.

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answers from Chicago on

Since you really hate stainless (as I do and I don't have any), go with black. It will still match.



answers from Madison on

You are not alone! I would never buy stainless appliances, or front load washers, either, but that's a post in itself! I really do not understand the hype surrounding the two.

Go ahead and get the black range. Don't think it would look that bad, really. When you redo the kitchen, you can sell it on craigs list or something.



answers from Washington DC on

Get black. You want to get rid of the others anyway and I think black and stainless go well together.



answers from New York on

Curious, have you looked into getting the top of the stove replaced. Perhaps that would be more economical over buying a new stove or a substitute?



answers from Minneapolis on

I was the same as you, I didn't want stainless steel so I choose black. I can't keep our black clean either. It shows every streak, all spills and all of the dust.

I am thinking white the next time we buy appliances.



answers from Minneapolis on

Depending on the age and model of your "ruined" stove you might actually be able to replace the glass top. It isn't cheap, but you can do it on newer models. I was unable to do it with my 17-year-old stove, however. You are not alone--I hate stainless too. I haven't even tried it. I just don't like the look and didn't understand the appeal. I stuck with white when I replaced my kitchen appliances. Anyhow, in our snack bar area in our basement we have a black fridge and a stainless microwave. I think they look great together.



answers from Chicago on

I dislike stainless, I would go with a black stove!



answers from Las Vegas on

I would die for a stainless steel kitchen! Anyway, I think black and stainless will look perfectly fine together. I am not one for matchy matchy, so I would do it.

My washer and dryer were just delivered and one is a GE and one an Amana. Until you are up close and read the label, no one will ever know they are mismatched. My reason was for price. I think the stores make one price higher than the other so that you end up paying over a grand for the set, but are turned on by one or the other. Nope! Not me. I stayed on task and stuck to my budget.

I never heard of melting a pot on the stove. You are amazing!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't care for stainless either. I think it's a bunch of hype. My goodness, the fridge is still the same on the inside and it won't last a single day longer because the finish on the outside is different. So I am NOT going to pay for a finish that has nothing to do with the quality of the item I am buying to fulfill a fad that is the current status symbol.

I would go ahead and get black. But please know, those glass top stoves are not very good. A person can't even can on them because the heat gets too hot. A stove that can't handle normal heat that a plain electric or gas one can take and even take higher heat.

So I would never have a glass top stove. I got a new gas range that I love. It is from Sears and was $200 less than Lowes.

It is black and has a warming drawer on the bottom. It has a continuous grate and an oval shaped 5th burner. I love cooking on it, I feel like it's so much safer since the pots have a flat grate and they can move easily over from one burner to another.



answers from Sacramento on

You're not the only one -- I HATE our stainless appliances! Smudge constantly and hard to clean. I wish we'd stayed with white.

In your situation, I'd go with stainless to match everything else, but look for the smudge-free kind. There's a fake stainless that's much better. My parents have it and their fridge looks great! Never as messy as ours.



answers from Billings on

I'd go for black!

You are so lucky your house didn't catch fire! I have boiled a pan dry before, but never had the pan melt! That's crazy!

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