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Updated on October 17, 2006
J.F. asks from Bethany, OK
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I have a 2 year old daughter,and a 8 year old step son. My husband has a job where he works 3 days a week and makes pretty good money, but we still need a little more, he wants to go get another job there for work 2 jobs. i feel as if we won't see him, i feel like i am being selfish to stay home with the kids, when he is capable to do that, and i can work the days that he is off. Does anyone have any ideas of how i can do that, and who i can apply for. i have experience in apartment managment.sales, and of course kids :0) thank you for any help u can give me.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I understand the stress that you are feeling. I have been in the same situation as well. I stay home with my 2 kids and my husband works very hard. I have been able to pull in extra income as an at-home web designer, but it is not a steady stream of income and at times, just not enough. I moved to Oklahoma recently and was introduced to something that is the answer to my prayers.

When I found out that my neighbor was able to not only work from home and still spend time with her kids, but also earn good extra money and even replace her husband's income within 6 months, I took it seriously. The more I investigated the more impressed I was. Feel free to call me or email me and I will give you whatever details you like about it. (For informational purposes and as a other words, I'm not going to try to pressure you into any kind of scheme).

Best of luck,
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answers from Oklahoma City on

I work at hospital, they allow me to come in after my husband gets home from work. I have a pretty sweet deal, I really make my own hours....I work as much as I want and any way I want as far as the number of days I work. It has worked very well for us. Another pro to this is that my husband gets some time by himself to care for our kids. I think this has helped him really bond with the kids and appreciate what I do all day. Another option is working for a Mother's Day out program. You can take your daughter with you and the hours would enable you to be home for your step-son and husband at night. This would also help you get out and meet more moms. Maybe you could work the three same days your husband does so you guys don't lose any family time.



answers from Oklahoma City on

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi J.,

Our situation at home is very simialer to yours. My husband works between three and four days a week also. When we decided it was time to bring in a little more money, I took a job two to three nights a week as a Night Auditor for a hotel. It works really well because he's home to watch the kids while I sleep, and because I only do it a couple nights a week, I don't feel I need near as much rest as when I did it full time, so that leaves me more time with him and the kids.

Good Luck!


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