Needing to Get a Part Time Job at Nite

Updated on February 16, 2008
B.G. asks from Wylie, TX
4 answers

I already work during the day from 8 to 2 pm monday thru friday but i have been thinking about getting a nite job too.. part time doing something like waitstaf. My fiance' works full time during the day also and we have 3 kids 2 of which go to school from 8 to 3 and our youngest who is 5 who stays with a sitter during the day while we work. We do need the extra cash and our full time jobs just aren't cutting it pay wise. I need ideas please thanks

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answers from Dallas on

You could try the Super Walmart in Wylie.
Walmart provides benefits as well. My aunt has a great paying job but started working nights at Walmart to help pay for her daugher's college and it helped them tremendously.
Or you can try the Chilis on 544. I know there's not a whole lot of restaurant's in Wylie to choose from but the Chili's is always pretty busy so that would make for good tips.

Good luck to you in whatever you find!



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B., I have my own business with Mary Kay and would love to share with you how I make money while working the hours I choose. While I had kids at home I never had to miss a school event or anything else important they had scheduled. L.



answers from Dallas on

I used to work at Houston's in Addison as a greeter, the pay is not bad, and the people are fun to work with. They are always looking for greeters and wait staff.
H. J.


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Why not try being being a daycare provider for the afternoon shift. I don't know how much of a need their would be but if it worked out your youngest would not have to be in daycare he would be with you and you could get $150.00 per week for a full time child depending on where you live.

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