Need Rug Cleaning Machine for Home Use

Updated on September 09, 2013
E.B. asks from Sour Lake, TX
5 answers

Okay, I am all about SIMPLE. To rent the Rug Dr. and lug it home to clean 1 8 x 10 carpet is crazy to me. Cost is a factor, I think if I got something about the size and simplicity of a vacuum cleaner it would be more my style. I have other rugs, some wool, some cotton etc. Is there such a thing that would clean it all and be vacuum cleaner-ish? I am trying to find something I can do myself with an appliance I could buy. Thanks for your help!

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answers from New York on

Love my Hoover. Beats spending $100 min every time you need to clean rugs. Machine is $150. I do mine often so it is a lifesaver.

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answers from Norfolk on

We have some rug cleaning companies over here that will pick up a rug, clean it at their facility and bring it back.
For wall to wall carpets our neighbor has a Stanley Steamer truck come out once per year and they do the carpets for her.
For smaller carpets, hang them on a clothes line and beat with a tennis racket.

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answers from Dallas on

I tried this with our carpet cleaner from work. I just borrowed it for the weekend. UGH. do the drop off service where they take the rug away and clean it.

The do-it-yourself has mixed results from my experience and was more of a pain than I thought.

do a groupon search. they often have rug cleaning deals, not just carpet cleaning:)

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answers from Dallas on

I do not clean my rugs myself. They are hand made Chinese orientals. There is an oriental rug company in town that will pick up the rugs, clean them and bring them back to me. I spend around $100 per rug (2 nice ones) about once a year because they are in formal areas only where they are not used daily.

I have a Bissell Pro Heat steam cleaner that I love and I do use on my household carpets. I also will call Dalworth, Stanely Steemer or someone like that out about once a year for a deep cleaning because their machines get a lot hotter and suction is better than my Bissell.

The Bissell is great for high traffic areas. I would never use it on my rugs.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have a Bissel Pro Heat. Has worked well for our home and several others who borrowed it.

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