Need Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions Please.

Updated on May 31, 2019
S.L. asks from Westborough, MA
11 answers

I got “Bissell Proheat essential “ thinking it is steam+dry vacuum cleaner. Looks like it doesn’t do the dry vacuum cleaning. My question is....
1) Do the steam cleaners not come along with dry vacuuming too?
2) which brand (steam and dry)is best as per your experience?

Also please recommend good affordable carpet cleaner services.

Thanks a ton in advance!!

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answers from Dallas on

If I read this correctly, it sounds like you are describing 2 different machines.

We used a Bissell steam cleaner when we had carpet and loved it. It DOES not do a regular vac of the floors, only steam cleans carpets.

My regular vac is Oreck Magnesium. I love it, it is light weight, works well, has a program where I take it in once a year for a thorough cleaning at no cost to me.

I only have 3 nice oriental rugs downstairs that I run the vac on regularly. No one lives upstairs in my house so I do not go there as often to run the vac.

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA - you have changed your post. This is NOT what you had originally posted.

No. The Bissel Proheat that you purchased is NOT a 'vacuum cleaner" it is a carpet steam cleaner ONLY.

I do not know of ANY steam cleaners that have a "vacuum" only function.

i've never seen a steam cleaner that dries.

the "proheat" heats the water - it doesn't dry. If there was a steam cleaner that dried too? Stanley Steamer and other carpet cleaning places would have them in a heart beat.

Use and pay for Consumer Reports - you can get the 4-1-1 before you buy next time.

If you had read the write up on the Bissel Proheat -you would have known it doesn't dry...

Clearly states in this write up that the carpet will be dry within an hour...

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answers from Boston on

I'm reading this differently than some responders. I don't think you're asking for a machine that dries carpets, but one that does regular ("dry") vacuuming as well as steam cleaning or shampooing. So you want one machine to do both jobs, but you understand that air drying is a "given" after carpet shampooing. I don't think such a thing exists.

I was just pricing machines - I've borrowed a neighbor's Bissell spot cleaner (I think it's called a "Spot Bot") but she's moving so I thought I should look around for my own. I saw a Bissell "Little Green ProHeat" which is also a small unit - maybe it replaced the Spot Bot - cost about what an upright shampooer costs. The small machine is easier to store, but it's a pain to use because it's handheld so you're bent over or on your knees to clean. It's good for stairs but that's about it. I saw some turbo-brush uprights, but the cheaper ones didn't have a hose, wand and smaller tools, so I thought they might not be practical if someone has carpeted stairs or tight spots (corners, bathrooms, etc.) where a big machine wouldn't fit. So I'm still undecided. So for you, it depends how your home is configured and what you need the machine for.

I agree that Consumer Reports is a good resource.

The only other thing I would add is that any carpet shampooing/steaming leaves wet carpets for a while, so you want to be sure you don't move any furniture back until it's all dry deep down, not just on the surface. Otherwise, the small metal glides on the bottom of chairs and tables will leave rust stains on the carpet. Use small squares of foil or wax paper for a few days, and move the replaced furniture a few inches once or twice over the next week.

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answers from Tampa on

i honestly don't know of any 2 in one... but i will say this for a vacuum i just bought v11 from dyson cordless and its phenomenal. for anyone with allergies or with pets i would strongly recommend it! we have been through top of the line kenmore ( consumers guide) and x owners of miele .. both are put to shame by dyson!

steamers for carpet that dries it.. i doubt there will be any or as good of quality as those huge industrial size as those services offer. just call Stanley steamers or there is a ton of local companies that offer.

now i have steamer for my tile and its just bissell for like 150 dollars.

now with 4 kids and 3 dogs i purchased a carpet shampooer.( with yellow chord not grey) its called Bissell Big Green commercial cleaner. it is about $500 on amazon. ( i got the one with few attachments) and that is a must for anyone with pets or kids. now i put in borderline boiling water to get the stains out and it really is phenomenal! but it does need i say about 2 hours to dry... the stuff you get out of carpets..eww!!! now it is heavy.. dry weight i think is 50 lbs.. it is needed because the weight keeps the vacuum closer to the carpet and gets the stuff out.. eww!loll

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answers from New York on

I only have throw rugs. So I have the shark freestyle. and since my flooring is hardwood or tile I have a shark steamer. 2 separate machines. I don't know of any that do both

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You are correct - carpet cleaners and vacuums are 2 separate things. Bissell proheat is a cleaner, not a vacuum.

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answers from Atlanta on

from reading responses, it looks like you changed your original post.i remember seeing this post this morning and it wasn't like this....

To the best of my knowledge, there are not any 2-in-1 steam cleaners and vacuums. It's either one or the other.

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answers from Norfolk on

Consumer Reports is my go to for information and recommendations on appliances.

There's really not much that needs steaming - and people destroy all kinds flooring by steam cleaning it.
Always check with the manufacturer of the flooring (carpet, laminate, tile, wood, etc) before you steam anything.
You'll save yourself some costly repairs.

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answers from Boston on

Carpet shampooers don't vacuum. You need two appliances. I don't shampoo the carpets often enough to own a machine but I have borrowed a Bissell from a friend that worked really well. In general, I rent a Rug Doctor (or similar) once a year to shampoo the carpets.

My vacuum cleaner is a Shark. It's a few years old and still works well.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I’ve not seen one that is both dry and steam. I love Shark brand for both. Shark lift-a- dry vacuum is awesome. Very powerful even years later. Buy extra filters and changing often is the key to efficient power. The filters are washable but take a while to dry so put in a clean one after each time I empty it, then wash the old one and it’s ready to go next time.

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answers from Portland on


Oh - I think I read it differently first time around, or as others mentioned you've changed your post a bit so it now reads differently.

I have a cheapy vacuum I got at Costco that I'm really happy with (a bagless one) I think it's a Shark - I just like that it has good suction and has a very easy wand (built in) and the attachments store right on it, but for me the main thing is it's light. I have some mobility issues and that was key for me. It has a filter we clean regularly, and my kid's allergies seem to be in check with this one.

My mom has a Dyson she loves. She says her carpets have never been so clean but it's like heavy duty suction.


I've never seen one that dries also.

I bought a little Bissell one to spot clean and it left it 'damp'.

We have had carpet cleaned years ago when we rented apartments, and we would have to leave and let them air dry. Whether we had someone do it or rented a machine to do it ourselves - they never 'dried' them.

I'd call around. Maybe they've improved their services since then. Doubtful. That would involve a heating element and I've never heard (from friends or family) that being a part of those vacuums. I have a sister who has one (pets) for her car, and it leaves hers damp. (*Bissell).

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