Need a Mural Painted in Daughter's Room

Updated on November 20, 2010
M.B. asks from McKinney, TX
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Does anyone have someone they would personally refer to paint a mural? My friend is redoing her daughter's room and would like to have a mural painted. If you do have someone you could refer, do they have a website or examples that we could see?

thank you!

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Natalie Rahberg has done great work for my friends and family. Her website is

C. P.

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I paint murals, commercial and residential. I do all the work myself to keep prices low. You can see my work at Stacy Furniture inside Kid Stuff if you want a first hand look at some stuff. I also advertise in All About Home and have an ad there, too.

I live in the Allen area.

Single WAHM with 2 boys, ages 2 and 7

Call me if you would like a free estimate!
Missy ###-###-####

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I have a friend whose husband is a gifted muralist. He's done work for me which was exceptional and he also did a historic building in downtown Dallas. If you email Lucy at [email protected] she can get you in contact with her husband. He has a portfolio of work he can show you.

Good luck.

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My friend Chanan (pronounced sha-non) is an artist and is very good at murals, I've personally seen some of her work. You can tell her that her friend L. said to call.



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Mary Esposito is a wonderful artist. She's done portraits, murals, wall, ceilings, cabinets, decor consultant,etc. She can do almost anything. Your Art's Desire is her business name. She is very reliable, reasonalbe and honest. You won't mind having her work in your home at all.

Her wibesite is:

e-mail: [email protected]



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My friend Sherry is a fabulous painter and does children's murals. Email her at [email protected] -- I'm sure she has some photos she could email you, along with her pricing.



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Hi M.! My brother and sister-in-law (Randy and Amy) own their own decorative painting business called Great Walls For Hire. They did the mural in my son's nursery and it turned out wonderful!

You can reach them at ###-###-#### and I am sure they would be happy to show you pictures of their work!

Hope this helps!
M. C.



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Peggy Brown is also great. She is a personal friend of our family. Here is a link to one sample of her work

If you are interested, let me know backchannel and I will track down her number for you (I only have her home number at the moment, not her business line - but will contact her if you are interested.)




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Hi, Michelle! It looks as if you've already received lots of great leads! I also paint childrens murals, wall treatments, and furniture at an affordable price (varies by the job). I am a stay-at-home Mom in McKinney and currently paint on evenings and weekends during the summer, but will add daytime hours on Tues/Thurs during the school year. If you would like to e-mail me at [email protected], I can send samples of my work. Thanks!



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A friend from my church paints beautiful murals. I don't know if she has a website, but here is her email:
Jan Olivas
[email protected]

I'm sure she has a portfolio or other examples of her work.




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I paint murals, and fantasy portriats. Please fell fre to visit my website...there is a lot of everything. You can get an idea of how eclectic I am...can do anything...also to view my latest fantasy portriat I did...please go to my event blog. My website is
Aura Ever

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