Need a Home Remedy to Keep Pests Out of Our Basement!!

Updated on June 30, 2009
G.H. asks from Hibbing, MN
8 answers

Hello, my daughter has her bedroom downstairs, we do have a finished basement but the spiders still find their way in easily, could you help us out and keep them away??

Thanks much:)

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answers from Omaha on

Hedge balls I think they are called. We used to pick them off of trees in SW Iowa, I believe I have actually seen them in the grocery store in Omaha last fall. Some call them hege apples??

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answers from Milwaukee on

A flea/roach, or other bomb sold by SC Johnson works real well for us.

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answers from Minneapolis on

There are these all-natural things called "Hedge Balls" that come out in the greenhouses around August. They are these green softball size ball things that you just place in the corners of your house (we bought four last year for each of the corners of our unfinished basement). As the year progresses the ball gets smaller and turns black...but they are still effective. We keep them around until the next august when we get new ones. We had REALLY icky looking spiders in our new house, but these SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the number of bugs and spiders. We don't even have any cobwebs in our basement! They are a much better alternative to sprays and other chemicals!

They may be harder to find, but we were able to find them at our year-round greenhouse up by us last year (near Cambridge).

Good Luck!


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answers from Minneapolis on

A Once-a-month outdoor spray of your foundation (we used Orkin) works for all bugs. If you want to go organic get hedge balls - they look like fruit and can't be eaten so if you have kids too small to understand this or pets that may not be an option either.

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answers from Madison on

I would definitely try the outdoor applications before using them inside, especially since it's in her room. I think just an outdoor would do the trick.

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answers from Lincoln on

I know this isn't a home remedy, however we bought a "spider spray" for indoor and one for outdoor and sprayed our foundation both in and out...In...was our laundry room and along our baseboards where it is finished...and it DEFINATELY cut down on the amount of spiders that come in.
We did that 4 years ago, and still today we see very few spiders around inside.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You can also buy Hedge Balls/Hedge Apples on eBay for really cheap. I tried them last year because I had heard from multiple people that they worked well. We didn't have any luck with them....I actually found spiderwebs on the hedge balls themselves....maybe I got a bad batch! :)



answers from Rochester on

I have had good luck with the hedge balls. Be sure to put them on a piece of tin foil. As they age, they can cause some discoloration on surfaces. The are NOT edible, so be sure to keep them away from pets or small kids. I have bought them at Hy-Vee usually in the late summer and fall.

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