My Will...need It Notarized!

Updated on September 04, 2009
K.H. asks from Austin, TX
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Hello Mama's!

I FINALLY finished my Will and headed to my bank Wells Fargo to get it notarized. They wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. Afraid of legal issues. I was very surprised. Any ideas where I can get my Will notarized?

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I really think you should have it professionally done also. My husband deals with wills, mutual funds, insurance, etc. There's no charge to draw up a will. It would be beneficial for you to talk to him. He works for Thrivent Financial. You can e-mail him at Just tell him S. recommended you talk to him. You can also reach him at ###-###-#### (his name is George).



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That is strange. I bank at Chase Bank and they notarized mine with no problems. Maybe try a different bank. You will probably have to pay for it but it should not be too much.




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You probably don't want to hear this but you should really consider having your will drafted by an attorney knowledgeable in wills and estates. If you shop around, I bet it would cost only a couple hundred dollars. Notarizing a poorly drafted will will not protect you, your estate, or your children. I am a licensed attorney and do not feel comfortable drafting my own will because I am not sufficiently experienced in wills and estate law. The law is complicated and constantly changing. Just my two cents.



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try mailing places .... ie post and parcel, ups store or possibly heb.



answers from Austin on don't have to have it notarized in the state of tx, as long as it is signed and dated

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