My Sons Teacher Feels He Has Anxiety..

Updated on May 10, 2008
S.P. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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I have a 4 year old son who is an only child. I put him in preschool this year and it has been a struggle. He has shown improvement but his teacher feels he has anxiety. My son does not give me problems going to school. The teacher feels his anxiety in the classroom is not letting him enjoy the whole experience. I had him evaluated by a doctor and a social worker, which they both felt he was a normal 4 year old. His teacher still feels he needs to be evaluated by a psychologist.I dont think there is anything wrong but I wouldnt want to be wrong. Does anyone know of a good child psychologist that deals with anxiety?

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So What Happened?

Well- I just want to thank everyone or there advice- I decided to pull my son out of his school after a parent called me and said she didnt like how she saw his teacher handled him. She said it made her deel uncomfortable. So this year there has been no problems with his new teacher.he enjoys going and actually tells me about his day. So thank you everyone who offered advice.

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Did the teacher say what exactly he was doing that she thinks may be anxiety? Has anyone else witness this behavior? Is it possible for you to observe your child in class without his knowledge? I would be cautious about believing what the teacher says unless you can verify it. They are sometimes too quick to want to label/medicate what they are not qualified to address.



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Since you have already had him evaluated twice, have you thought of just sending him to a different preschool? The the one he's in may not be a good fit for his needs. Maybe try a school with a different teaching philosophy -- and talk to his new teacher so he/she can keep an eye out. Also, play school at home with him, maybe through a little role play you can learn what's bothering him. He might be embarassed about making mistakes in front of his friends. Make mistakes and let him correct you. Show him that making mistakes is a fun/normal part of learning. Good Luck!



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Hi Stephanie,

I do not have a recommendation for a child psychologist, but it could very well be the teacher and not your son. It's possible that there just isn't good chemistry between her and your son. I wouldn't stress excessively over this since he has been check by a doctor and social worker and he appear fine to them. Just monitor the situation a while longer. Best of luck.



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ask your pediatrician of anyone that they may recommend in the area. Preschool can be pretty intimidating and my son was showing anxiety at school as well and all of a sudden he is doing great(a few playdates with classmates later, and maturing.) He was the youngest in the class and the kids were so much older. It could be something at the school such as an unruly classmate or pressure to perform or just the separation. What does he say when you ask him?Did the people who examined him see him in the classroom setting. My guy is quite different at home where he is very comfortable and other places that he feels safe and comfortable in his extra activities. Most teachers if bring something up to a parent really have a concern and care. Part of who our children aree is how they are born, he is probably a very sweet, observant, cautious boy, can be shy or timid in unfamiliar situations and probably shines in otheres. It is not the only child thing so dont go there. If you ever go into the class for special days you will see all kinds of nervous behavior on part of all different kids. some who are not anxious at all can show the same behavior and some will surprise you ..even at birthday parties this is evident. SOme professionals will go to classroom and observe students and talk to teachers so they can see the thing she is concerned about in the setting on their own may not see it at all. Good luck!

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