My Son Has a Low Body Temperature

Updated on January 11, 2012
C.C. asks from Tyler, TX
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My son is 5 years old and thursday night he went to bed early was very tired so i did not think nothing and when i got into bed his head was cold checked his temp. and is was 95.6 and that was under is arm checked is 30 mins later in the mouth it was 95.8 he is pale and only his head and face is cold not his body he acts tired all the time and has dry mouth i really dont know why and im takeing him to his doctor monday..

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answers from Boston on

Me and my girls all three run on the low end, usually high 96 or low 97's, but occasionally in the 95's. All three of us also dehydrate really easily. My doc always says that temp is less important that how they act. High temp but happy and playing is not a big deal, but no temp and acting lethargic and listless is a big deal.

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answers from Seattle on

Call the 24/7 nurse advice line through your local hospital (if you have a children's hospital, though, call them). They'll run symptoms with you (do triage) and tell you whether to take him to the ER tonight, urgent care tomorrow, the Ped on monday, or to treat at home and HOW.

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answers from Dallas on

Um.... A temp that low would require hospitalization since it's near the hypothermia level temp. Are you sure your thermometer is correct or was used correctly?

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My temp actually runs that low at night....I have talked with my doctor and some people do this. I didn't know until a few years ago when I started charting my basil body temperature. My running temperature during the day is typically only 97.4. If I run a temperature of 102 or above I am pretty dealthy sick for me...that's a major sign of illness.

Looking back at charts looks like my average temp upon waking is 95.4 and that is when I have woken up and not sleeping so probaby a bit higher then at a dead sleep. My hubby says I am pretty cold at

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answers from Norfolk on

Well, 98.6 is an average normal temperature.
Some people run a little hotter and some a little colder.
If he's on the cool side for him, a low body temp can be a symptom for a number of things - infection, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.
It's great you are taking him to a doctor to have it checked out.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi, I have a low body temp. In the 80's a doc did a lot of research into low body temps and how it effected the body. People who had a low body temp on a regular basis were diagnosed with Wilson Syndrome.

Many doc's didn't accept it as a true medical illness though so it became quit ignored. The theme of the diagnosis was that even though the Thyroid was putting out all the stuff it was supposed to be doing the body was too cool for the catalyst to do it;s job. The enzyme was there but could not go through the chemical reaction needed for it to be used.

My DO thought this was what I had. He gave me some meds and I lost 30 lb.s in one month. I felt so much better and healthier.

I would call the pediatrician in this case though. It is not a normal expected temp for your son, if he was normally low you would have noticed when they took his temp before especially when they started taking it over and over.

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Welcome to mamapedia.

Myself and both my boys run low (mine is 96.6, Greg is 96.9 and Nicky is 96.6). However we are NOT pale or acting differently.

If he is pale and his mouth is dry? My butt would be in a car with him on the way to the ER - that is NOT normal and I would NOT wait until Monday to get him checked out.

When checking underarm for temps - they say (check with the peds on this one) to add one degree to it.

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answers from St. Louis on

First the new thought in Nursing is don't add any thing to a temp. taken under the arm. Second don't wait until Monday take him to the Dr.s either the ER or a Urgent Care today. Temps can run low/high but being pale and lethargic are more symtoms to be concerened about. Could be nothing but I would want his Oxygen levels checked, most often when you have a virus or bacterial condition your body runs a fever to fight off. Temp's don't usually drop without an underlying reason. Not to scare you but one of my children always had cold extremities no other symptoms ever untill around 10 yrs old then she started having tingling arms and when she complained about chest pain I was out the door with her and on our way to the Er. Turns out since birth she has had a hole in her heart and Mitral Valve Prolapse. Dr's never thought to look for it until other symtoms presented themselves. GO NOW better to be a worry wort than to ingnore or wait and it be something more serious.



answers from Portland on

I would take him to urgent care asap. Our son had this, and it was when he was stressed out about potty training (pooping), and hadn't had a bowel movement in 4 days. We took him to urgent care and the Dr. said he was just on the edge of it being a serious medical condition, like admitting him to the hospital, and permanent damage to his colon.

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