My Child's Tooth Is Already Coming In, but the Loose One Is Still There

Updated on October 13, 2010
M.M. asks from Round Rock, TX
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My son's first loose tooth is one of center ones on the bottom. It has been loose for about 4 weeks now. This morning I noticed the new tooth is already popping up right behind it! What is going on? Shouldn't the old one have fallen out by now? Has anyone experienced this? Will the new one be in the wrong place? (it looks like it is going to grow in much further back than the orignal tooth.) Trying not to panic, but the dentitst can't see him for 2 more days.

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answers from Austin on

Don't panic, perfectly normal. If it hasn't fallen out by the time you go to the dentist, he'll get it out in about 2 seconds. Probably the baby tooth has been displaced to the front by the new tooth coming in. My kids had this happen once or twice each with no problems whatsoever.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Yep, very common. The dentist may want to pull the old tooth, but I never let anyone pull my teeth - I just let the new one come in. I don't believe it causes crooked teeth, but couldn't tell you for sure.



answers from Austin on

You may hafta goto a dentist to have it removed if it doesn't come out or if it's really really loose, go ahead & pull it yourself. Good luck.



answers from Redding on

Don't panic.
New teeth will force out the old ones. It doesn't always happen that a tooth falls out and there's a space for a while before the new one comes in. This is just a first tooth so you have a long while to go before you are too concerned about alignment issues. Their little teeth can really shift around.
I don't know how floppy the loose one is, but the sooner it gets out the better. Just my opinion.


answers from Houston on

this happens when my 7 year old daughters EVERY tooth so far



answers from Minneapolis on

Thanks for this post! My son just lost the tooth in front of the new one that had already come in. I was worried it was a sentence to future orthodontics! I see from your responses that it happens all the time.

I'd say it was 2-3 weeks after In noticed the tooth coming in, the front one came out (they were on the bottom, center). The other one was really loose for a LONG TIME though, before that permanent tooth came up (at least 6 weeks).




answers from Austin on

My son had that happen with both of his bottom teeth and the dentist ended up having to pull them because they still had quite a bit of root left. We waited awhile before doing that and tried on our own to get it out but nothing worked.....if the baby tooth stays in too long and the permanent one develops a lot of root then it can affect placement of the permanent tooth...but don't worry about having to wait two days! My dentist waited a couple of weeks to see if the loose one would come out.




answers from Houston on

Have him start trying to loosen the one in front with his fingers - our dentist said to get it out of there as quickly as possible. My son did it in 3 days - my daughter took about 2 weeks and it was hanging on by a thread when I finally had to threaten her with her swollowing it while she slept!!!


answers from Dallas on

Just happened to my daughter and the dentist said it happens all the time. He went ahead and pulled her old one but only because it was hurting her to have it so loose in her mouth. After four weeks, two more days will be just fine. Take a deep breath and relax. You're a good mom to be so concerned.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Very common. It's called "shark teeth" and it's nothing to be concerned about--unless it's on the top front. The baby teeth will come out and you will be amazed at how the permanent teeth move right up into position! My son had this with both bottom front teeth and our ped. dentist told me not to worry at all, it's quite common.



answers from New York on

my daughters, 6, did not lose any of their baby teeth yet. but they have gotten 4 bottom ones behind the baby teeth. the dentist said it's a waiting game, and since they're not hurting, not to pull them out. they have had twos ets of teeth for 3 months now. yes, it bothers me to death and back. i can't wait for the tooth fairy.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Most of my children had this happen. With the first, the dentist recommended putting him under general anesthetics and pull them. So, we did. With the rest, the dentist we were seeing at that time said that it would be fine, eventually the babies would fall out. Sure enough, they did. And, the adult tooth will slide right into place. Don't panic. It happens more than you might think.


answers from San Antonio on

The same thing happened to our son. No need to worry, the new tooth will push out the old tooth. The new tooth will fall into place.

This is normal. : )



answers from Detroit on

This just happened to my son about 3 weeks ago. The new one pushed the old one out but it did take 2-3 weeks I think between me noticing it and the old one actually coming out (I think maybe it took time because he doesn't wiggle his teeth at all when they're loose).



answers from Houston on

This is wayyyyy normal. No need for the dentist. Old tooth will fall out, new one will come in. Placement works itself out. Twelve years down the road you'll still probably be getting braces on that kid!
Good luck.

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