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Updated on September 12, 2010
M.B. asks from Springfield, GA
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I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Last night while eating, the left side of my face was hurting. When I felt it, it was really swollen. It runs from the hinge of my jaw to the ear base. I called and spoke with a midwife through my Ob's office and she said if it gets worse to go to urgent care. This morning it's not worse but still hurts. Could it be mumps? My kids are vaccinated, my mom doesn't remember if I was vaccinated for it or not. I'm 37, don't know if they were vaccinating for that back then. What do you ladies think? No other symptoms except being tired and mild nausea which I chalked up to being pregnant.

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answers from Boca Raton on

were you eating Chinese? Did you eat something with msg in it? Could you suddenly be allergic to something you've eaten?

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answers from Houston on

Could be mumps, an abcessed tooth, an ear is worth getting checked out. Any of those options require treatment.

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answers from Topeka on

If you want to make sure go get checked out.We can't tell you that you have Mumps that would be misdiagnosing however we can tell you that you already know go to urgent care & make sure it's not mumps and your spreading it,sore throat,allergies,strep throat.

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answers from Modesto on

the best way to know if its mumps is to do the dill pickle test. Take a bite of pickle and if the pain is crazy all through your neck gland... then it probably is mumps or some other type of glandular infection. It also could be a tooth... floss really well and swish some listerine.... you might have a little infection.

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answers from Columbus on

I would go to urgent care and fine out. There is no sense in wondering, especially if you are uncomfortable.

I hope you feel better soon.


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answers from Kansas City on

Does it only hurt while eating or all the time? It sounds more likely a tooth issue or something like that, mumps seems unlikely doesn't it? I don't know how common it is anymore, but for sure you should probably check it out.

If it only hurts (or hurts more anyway) while eating it could be something totally weird called a salivary stone. It's like a kidney stone except in your salivary gland. I had one once and it HURT! Every time I ate the whole side of my face swelled up and although I had sort of complained to the husband once he saw it in action he rushed me right to the ER! ;) Turns out that's what it was. That is also a bit far fetched, but it reminded me of that when you said you noticed it while eating. If it gets swollen while you eat and mostly only then, it could be??!

Hope you get it figured out...mouth pain of any kind is the worst!

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answers from Tampa on

You've gotten good advice; I can tell you that if your parents got you all the recommended vaccines when you were a child, you have most likely been vaccinated for Mumps. The vaccine was introduced in the late 60's. I'm 44, and I know that I got it, I have my childhood vaccinations records. So, unlikely that you have mumps. I would agree with some of the other posters, sounds like maybe it's a tooth issue.


answers from Norfolk on

It's possible to get mumps worse on one side than the other. The painful side hurts enough you don't notice the other side much. If it is mumps, the lymph nodes in your neck could swell up significantly (the definitive symptom). I had the mumps when I was a teenager, and my neck swelled till my skin felt tight. I couldn't turn my neck, chewing was impossible, and swallowing was difficult. Water, chicken broth and tea were all I wanted for about 48 hrs. But after that my recovery was rapid and I was over it in a few more days.

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