My 13 Year Old Has a Lump in Her Throat Under Her Chin by Her Neck

Updated on November 01, 2015
R.B. asks from Helotes, TX
15 answers

Its the size of a marble and hurts when she rubs it. Should I be concerned

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia.

Why have you not called her pediatrician?
Why have you not taken her to a doctor???
How long as this been going on??


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answers from Phoenix on

You should be concerned anytime something "not normal" happens with your child. Go to the doctor.

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answers from Norfolk on

Yep, it's most likely a swollen gland - she might be fighting a small localized infection of some sort.
A heating pad on it over night might help it go down or just leave it alone.
(You know the old joke?
"Doctor! Doctor! It hurts when I do this!" - Doctor replies "Well don't do that!".)
If it's still swollen in a few days or gets worse you can take her to the doctor.

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answers from Seattle on

I would normally say to take Motrin type products and give it a few days and ask if there are any other accompanying symptoms, like night sweats?? .....however, and not to alarm you, one of our family members, a very healthy young almost professional baseball player, had a similar painful lump and he decided to get it checked out, and it turned out be leukemia. And he had a very long, arduous battle with that for years.

So I vote you have it checked by a competent physician.

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answers from Washington DC on

oh, no problem. any time something unusual is going on with your child and they're in pain, the best possible thing to do is run to the internet. who needs doctors?

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answers from Portland on

Sore throat? Fever? The lymph nodes along the glands can become swollen with even just a slight sore throat. Call or take her in if you are concerned. My kids get them on the back of their necks if they get ear infections. It's usually a sign of an infection but don't have to be. She could be fighting an infection off. Even a small cut can produce one.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like a swollen lymph node but get it checked if you are concerned.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

It is likely a swollen Lymph Node. Which can just be clogged, they're sort of our sewer system. They drain stuff away if I remember right. Warm compresses and gentle massage might make it go away. A half dose of Sudafed, real Sudafed, might cause the system to wash it away.

BUT it might also be something else and I'd never not call the docs office and find out when they can get her in. It could be many other things. Serious things.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Her lymphatic system is working as it should. She's fighting something.
If she's uncomfortable, get it checked out!

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answers from Dallas on

It's probably a swollen gland which means she's fighting an infection of some sort.

However, I wouldn't just wait and see if it were my child. I'd take her to the Dr and get a diagnosis.

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answers from Rochester on

My daughter came home from the first day of school with something similar. The second day of school we went to the Dr. He told us that it was a swollen gland and was a sign of a normally reactive lymph node. He said even a bug bite on the scalp can cause them. We were told to watch it and give him a call if it changed. Two hours later she spiked a fever. The next morning she looked like she had the mumps. We went back to the Dr. and he started her on an antibiotic. Less than 24 hours later her fever was gone and it was back to marble size.

Last Halloween I had something similar. It was the only symptom I had for two days. Spiked a fever and was diagnosed with my first of two cases of strep last year.

Probably nothing, but take her in just to be safe.

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answers from Beaumont on

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me before. It was from my dog raising her head abruptly as I was going down abruptly. We hit each other hard. It's probably nothing but if you're concerned, take her in. BTW-mine went away after a few months.


answers from Boston on

Usually a painful lump is a lymph node, as others have said. It's part of the immune system's response and is normal, and can be a good thing (immune system is fighting something off). You've heard the term "swollen glands", right? That's what that is.

However, there are nodules caused by other things and those should be checked out. If this doesn't disappear in a couple of days, I'd get her checked out. If it gets worse, she may need additional help in beating whatever she's fighting even if it's not terribly serious. And since we can't see it and since we aren't doctors, she needs to be seen by her doctor.

I'd make a phone call on Monday morning to the pediatrician to report/discuss this, and see what they advise about you coming in. I would not bother with urgent care or the ER - there's no indication that she needs to be seen immediately.

Meantime, push lots of water and no soda (besides being junk, caffeine in cola is dehydrating), and extra sleep. If she has other symptoms like a sore throat or difficulty swallowing, etc., assume she is contagious and keep her away from other kids. However, I realize it's Halloween so if she's the age to trick-or-treat, I think it's fine to send her out if she's feeling okay otherwise.



answers from Washington DC on

I get those if I have a mouth sore. If I bite my tongue or cheek or get a canker sore a lymph node below it swells up for a little while.



answers from San Francisco on

Sounds like a swollen gland. Take her to the dr.

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