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Updated on August 21, 2008
A.F. asks from El Mirage, AZ
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Hi all!
I'm trying to find some cheap but good lawn care. My hubbie works outside all day and it's hard for him to keep up on cutting the grass during the summer. I need to find a good service that doesn't break my bank. All i need is the backyard grass cut, it's not a very big lot. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks in advance :) aimee

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So What Happened?

I found a guy who's business is Tim's Poop and Scoop. He offered to do my lawn also for a very reasonable price. If anyone ever needs reliable good service for poop or yard let me know and I'll be happy to give you Tim's number. I was lucky to find him.

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what part of town do you live in? My son inlaw is looking for any work. He goes to school until 12:00 m-f. I'm sure he would love the work if you dont live a long ways away due to gas prices. He lives near 43 and bell.



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I had the same issues too. I am a SAHM of my 4 1/2 year old and my ailing 85 yr old father. We hired CWC Landscaping and heard about them through our church. He and his team do a wonderful job and if there are any issues a call away too. They not only mow but will treat the yard and surrounding areas for weeds and such too. Their number is ###-###-#### and email is -- Mark Chambers is his name.


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Hi Aimee,
You may want to ask your neighbors if they have a teen age son willing to do your lawn care for you for some money. Or you can put up a flier at your local grocery store to see if anyone is willing to do this. You might find other fliers there that have a local business for lawn maintenance. Good Luck,G.



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Where do you live? If you live on the west side of town I have a landscaper that is great. He has been our lawn guy for 13 years. He is wonderful. And does a great job. And is reasonable in price. His name is Jose, his phone number is ###-###-####. Don't get thrown off by his answering machine it is wife. Well good luck! D.

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