Moby Wrap Vs. Sleepy Wrap?

Updated on August 11, 2009
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
7 answers

Yes, I know...I am asking an obnoxious amount of questions these days! lol

What the heck is the difference between these two wraps, and which one of the two do you like? Thanks!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S.,
I'm not familiar with the Sleepy Wrap, but I used the Moby Wrap with my daughter. It is GREAT! It is basically one extremely long piece of cotton. You learn to wrap it around yourself and the baby. Sounds complicated, but it really isn't. There are no rings, zippers, straps, etc.

Like anything, there are pros and cons:

Distributes weight very evenly across your back. In my opinion, the most comfortable carrier (I had a large baby, 9.2oz at birth.)

Baby is securely wrapped in, you never feel like she might slip out.

It fits anyone without readjusting straps, etc. Therefore, it works for large or small chested women and for men!

There are different positions you can wrap baby in, so its useable for awhile. They even say you can breast feed in it, but I never got the hang of that.

Its nice and soft to you and baby.


Its a little tricky to wrap it, but once you understand it no problem. However, if you wanted to drive somewhere, then get out and walk around, this might be tricky, too, unless you had extra hands (husband, sitter, etc.)

Once baby is in... if she falls asleep, its pretty hard to get her out without waking. I didn't care, that was the only place my daughter would nap, so I'd just sit down and relax at that point, or eat some lunch or do something quiet.

It can be REALLY hot in the summer. Its basically two people's body heat!

If you wear it in public, you will get a LOT of attention. (Could be a pro or con!)

If you live in the Philadelphia area, there is a woman who sells breast feeding supplies out of her home in Devon. You can go to her house and she can show you some different slings and how to wrap them. Her web site is: She has a good web site, too, if you're not in the area. Her name is Jennifer Neely and she was very helpful with the wrap and also nursing bras (not sure if you need that).

Lots of luck.

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answers from Allentown on

I have the moby & love it!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I've never heard of the sleepy wrap, but have the moby & love it! I used it from 6 months to almost a year with my first (I got pregnant when he was 9 months, so I didn't carry him that much as he got older - he was big - about 25lbs at one year). My second son is also big, almost six months and about 18lbs. I use it multiple times a week. I used it everyday on vacation. Its very easy to wrap, but it probably takes more time than something you have to clip together. (I also have a convertable carrier with clips & buckles...we spent over $100 I hate it & rarely use it).
I have breastfed my son in it, though it is a little complicated. It does get hot in the summer, but I think any carrier would be hot.
My son has often fallen asleep in it & I have had no problems getting him out & transfering him to a crib. But, he is a good sleeper & I've never had a problem transferring him once he's a sleep. I can't remember if I was able to transfer my first son (he was a terrible sleeper, so if he fell asleep I probably wouldnt have even tried to transfer him).
Good luck with your decision.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

There are both in the Pittsburgh Babywearer's Lending Library. I borrowed the Sleepy Wrap for Asher when he was born and loved it. The main difference in the Moby and the Sleepy wrap is that the Sleepy Wrap is a double-knit on the inner side, whereas the Moby is the same feel on both sides. The Moby felt... well, not as stretchy and comfy as the Sleepy Wrap. Both are stretchy wraps, and both will be incredibly hot this time of year.

I loved the Sleepy Wrap for the limited time that I used it (I still prefer a woven wrap since I can use it so much longer and they aren't quite so sweat-inducing).

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S. - I don't know what the differences are but, I have the Moby wrap and I really liked it. My son would nap in it and I could still get stuff done around the house, go shopping, or play with my older son. I used it for several months and it was a great investment. Hope that helps.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S.!
I just looked at both and am not sure what the difference is. It may be the same thing with a different name. I wore my son for over a year with this very same type of wrap and totally LOVED it-- except that I made mine, which was so much cheaper!
Go to the fabric store and find a jersey type fabric (or other fabric with just the tiniest bit of stretch) and buy about 6 yards. You can pick whatever pattern you like or buy off the bargain rack. Take the fabric and split it lengthwise down the middle with some fabric scissors so that you have two strips of fabric about 6 yards long. (no sew- unless you want to!) Then go online for instructions on how to wrap and wear your baby (moby wrap instructions work fine) or get the awesome book "Baby-Gami" for tons of cute and fun wrap styles.
So basically, you have two "moby" wraps for at or under $30!! One for a friend, or in the car, or for dad... whatever you can think of! So cheap you can have a "wrap wardrobe"!
Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Harrisburg on

I don't have personal experience with either wrap, but a friend does. She said there is no difference and didn't have a preference. I do have experience with a different wrap that I absolutely love, though. it's called a Baby K'Tan It does the same thing, but you don't have to fool with tying it up all the time. It has two permanent loops that you can reconfigure in different ways to accommodate almost any position. If you are considering purchasing a wrap, I'd highly recommend the Baby K'Tan!! The only negative would be that you have to buy a specific size, so my husband couldn't use it, unlike the Moby, which anyone can use because you can adjust how you tie it. Mine was around $40 I think.

Good luck! Also, there is a group that meets where you can try different wraps and ask questions about "babywearing." It's a Yahoo group called West Shore Babywearers and they meet in the mornings on the West Shore and in the evenings in Harrisburg, both once a month. I think if you search for "WestShoreBabywearers" in yahoo groups you can find them. They're very helpful with questions and have get togethers too. I've enjoyed the meetings when I was able to go while I was on maternity leave.

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