Method Laundry Detergent?

Updated on August 27, 2010
M.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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Has anyone used Method laundry detergent or fabric softner. My MIL has always used Tide so that is what we use because my husband likes it and I like the way it cleans and doesn't have so much perfume to it. Looking to trim the budget though and environmentally friendly. Just curious is anyone has any opinions on it. Thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

i personally am not a fan of method. the smell of it just does not work for me. I buy all of my stuff online. it's eco friendly, but its actually cheaper then even tide. i dont know if you are comfortable buying online, but feel free to message me if you want and i'll give you all the details.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I was a Tide user, then a Melapower (Melaleuca) user and now I will not go back to either one of them.
My sister loves Method laundry detergent! My favorite laundry soap is definitely Charlie's Soap. I get it online. Right now at it's $9.25 for 80 loads. You only use a Tablespoon in your wash! It's fantastic! And I have never had fresher smelling laundry. There is no scent, but clothes come out smelling like cotton and sunshine.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I LOVE Method detergent! It gets stuff clean, it smells nice, and the new pumps are sooooo easy to use. But it won't trim your budget - Tide if definitely cheaper. If you are looking for a long-lasting, inexpensive, non-petroleum-based laundry detergent, I suggest you check out Charlie's Soap. You can find it on for free shipping, and it lasts forever because it is super-super concentrated (I'm not sure how much, but you use 1 Tbsp per load of laundry and it comes in a huge bottle, so after over a month, I've hardly made a dent in it). But it doesn't really smell at all (which could be good - no perfumes), and can be hard to find locally. Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

Thanks for asking! I have been wanting to try it. Interested to see the answers.



answers from Kansas City on

I like Method but it does not trim your budget, that's for sure! It's significantly more expensive than the other brands. Yes it's 3X concnetrated, which I really like, but if you compare the loads/bottle ratio, it's still more expensive. I have not heard of the Melapower, though, that might be worth checking out. I read an article awhile ago saying that Arm and Hammer was a good soap for the environment, but now even they have all kinds of scents and things added to it, so I'm not so sure anymore.


answers from Dover on

I was a Tide user as well but have recently found something much better. Mela Power by Melaleuca sounds like what you need. You use less, it cleans great, is safer for the environment, and is toxin free.



answers from Chicago on

I use LifeTree concentrate it has a light lavender smell and really cleans the clothes.



answers from Savannah on

I just bought the Fresh Air in the pump bottle and really like it!! It's easy to use and I only use 4 pumps for a full load in my front loader. I want to try the Penoy scent next. I was using Tide with downy in it but I think my hubby was having a skin reaction to it as his stomach and back of his thighs were rashing in his PT (exercise) clothes when he got really sweaty. Or it was the Tide stain release (liquid) I was trying off and on. Not really sure but since I stopped using both and just the Method (hypo allergenic) and un-concentrated sunggle fab softener he has noticed the redness easing up. I also use Shout for pre treat of stains.

I'd like to try the fabric softener too after my bottle of snuggle is gone.




answers from Dallas on

I was a previous Tide user and switched last year to Melapower which is better for the clothes and safer for the environment. Tide is the #1 pollutant of our streams and other waterways.

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