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Updated on January 21, 2009
K.C. asks from Saint Peters, MO
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Hi there!
Again, asking all of you ladies for help with a problem!!
My hubby and I are going out of state and the grandparents are watching our two children. I want to have some sort of form for them in case either of my children need medical or hospital care but I'm not sure exactly what to include or what wording to use. Do i need it notorized? Do I need doctor numbers, hospital numbers etc? I'm not sure how easy it will be to get ahold of us if they need us....Thanks for any help!

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I work with a family that has a child with down snydrome and when they travel without him they have to do the form. I recently went out of town and she told me about it. I never realized that you couldn't just type something up and give it to the person caring for your children. For it to be legal, it needs to be notarized and have all of your information on it (name, address, etc.). Make sure that you state the full names of the people responsible for your children as well as your full names. There is no need for SS#s as insurance no longer uses that as identifiers, but do put yours and your husbands DOB. There should be different forms online that you can find. Also copy front and back of your insurance cards and include them as well. Unfortuneately, this is what the times have come to that we have to do this, but better safe than sorry. You don't want your family memebers to be left out in the dark because they don't have the propper information.

I would include a list of drs numbers, any allergies to meds or food, etc. just for your family members but no need to include that on the letter.

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Ugh, the reason I hate traveling now is this!
I've been on trips in and out of the country. All you need to do is write a basic permission note, giving the grandparents your OK to take them to the doctor if necessary.
It wouldn't hurt for you to make a note for the grandparents with doctors' names, numbers and addresses. Also, if you have any friends that have offered to help while you are gone, give them their info too. The kids and grandma & pa may need a break from each other. It's always good to have that option.
You don't need it notorized. Just leave them all the numbers and info of where you'll be and who they may need. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. I know that is always easier said than done and I wish I could take that advice myself ;-)



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We have one and we used a format that we found online. It was just a couple of sentences. We did have it notarized because it was suggested and also because it made sense since anyone can type up a document and forge a signature. Our bank notarizes for free or you can check with a shipping/postal place. They'll usually do it for like $5 and it is well worth the piece of mind. We also left all our insurance cards with the note when we left.
We had one for each child and included our full legal names as well as theirs. Stated that in our absence these people had the authority to make both medical and dental decisions regarding the care of the named child. We included our adress, social security numbers and phone numbers as well as the insurance information that was on our cards just in case those weren't on hand.



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I'm not sure if this is all legal, but we've done this in the past and what we've done is just write the childrens' full names, my parents full name, and that we give them permission to sign for any medical treatment necessary while we're gone. I also photocopied the front and back of our insurance card and attached it to the form. We include our cell phone numbers, also, just to make it easy to contact us, if necessary. We did notorize it, just in case. Fortunately, we never had to use it.



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You can write a letter stating that you have given them charge of your kids and then if something happen that they are responsable. and yes you have to have it notorized and you both have to sign it.

They also need a insurance card they(parents) need a dr names and hospital. I know several people that can notorized if you need to know anyone.

Have fun and don't miss the kids to much. I am sure they will have fun and will be spoiled when you get back.

I just read Jen's she is right

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