Major Diaper Rash/yeast Infection

Updated on June 24, 2011
E.W. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
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My doctor has prescribed Niastatin for my DD's rash which started when we introduced solids and has continued on and off ever since.

Doctor said the rash was normal and wasn't too concerned. The rash is pretty bad but doesn't seem to bother her in the least. We've also tried Butt Paste, A&D, etc. The Niastatin and creams have helped a little but not much.

Perhaps, she has become immune? We're seeing the doctor tomorrow and will ask of course but I'm curious as to how you've handled major rashes?

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So What Happened?

Thanks all. I'm going to try out the cornstarch bath and also have been using the new prescription for a stronger Niastatin that my doctor prescribed. So far, the inflammation went down.

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answers from Philadelphia on

When my son was antibiotics one time he had a bad rash. I was told by the nurse at the doctors office to make sure to give baths with baking soda and have them in there for a good ten minutes. After that,let your child air dry for a little while so air can get to their bottom. get some liquid maalox,take a cotton ball and put it around the area that has a rash. once it has dried then put on some triple paste. Also make she is eating yogurt that is probiotic like activia and yobaby by stonyfield farms. You want to make sure he digestive track is healthy. Good luck. I hope this advice will help.

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answers from Detroit on

Try alternating the Niastatin cream with cornstarch baby powder. Good luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

The best thing you can do for a diaper rash is have lots of diaper-free time. In the summer it's actually easier, I think, because you can take them outside to play and don't have to clean your floor. When my son was almost a year old we had problems with a recurrent diaper rash. I would put him in some loose cotton shorts without a diaper and take him outside to play. When he peed we just rinsed with the hose and put clean shorts on.

My pediatrician also recommended the baking soda bath that Denise W. mentioned.

The only other advice I have is to figure out what might be causing it. You don't say how old your daughter is or how many foods she's eating,but is it possible one of the foods is causing the rash? I thought my son's rash was random and then figured out it happened about 2 days after he had melon. Seems random, but we took out the melon and it never happened again. Then a few months later my MIL was watching him and forgot about the melon and gave him some and 2 days later we had the same terrible rash again. Now that he's potty trained he can eat it without a problem, but when he was in diapers melon was a nightmare for us.

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answers from Dallas on

I went through the exact same problem 2 weeks ago. I tried every cream (Butt Paste, Niastatin, A&D, and Desitin) and nothing seemed to help. I switched to J&J Corn starch powder and like magic, the rash was gone in 48 hours!
Good Luck!!



answers from Chicago on

The Niastatin cream is excellent as well as "gooping" her bottom up with the BUTT Paste or Desitin. Try Oatmeal bath which will help sooth the inflmation. I like CN's suggestion. Also, include a PROBIOTIC. like Florastor Kids. It is available OTC and comes in individual packets. You can put the powder in her juice or whatever she drinks. Have her eat yogurt if she's on some solids now. That will help also.



answers from Allentown on

You didn't say how old she was... When my middle guy got severe rash. We had to potty train him. He was around 15-18 months. The only thing that helped was fresh air. No amount of any cream helped. I followed him around with a potty for a week. Rash went away and our diaper usuage dropped! The only other thing I can think about is maybe some chewable acidophilus. I give my kids them and my baby (started taking around 1 year old, he is 2 now) has really never had a bad diaper rash.



answers from Buffalo on

Nistatin always worked well for my girls. They used to get the worst rash/yeast inf. on their tushies! Aquaphor also worked very well, but more as a preventative. There is an ointment called Bag Balm that works fantasticlly! It is usually sold w/lotions, etc. (Also, in the Tractor supply stores.) It comes in a green metal can. It is a multipurpose thing, originally made for cows. Might sound odd, but it's awesome!!!!



answers from Dallas on

My son would actually get a yeast infection/ bleeding rash anytime he needed antibiotices (has ear infections constantly). I didn't even know boys COULD get yeast infections!! He too was prescribed Niastatin, but it burned the open wounds that the rash had turned into. I found that to help the rash, Aquifer was best. It created the thickest barrier w/o drying out the skin even worse... then oatmeal baths.
THEN, to prevent/ or get his digestive system back on track, PROBIOTICS. They are a miracle drug!!! NOW, not all are created equally, and in the last couple of years every brand has tried to jump on the probiotic bandwagon. Don't buy anything over the counter! Go to the pharmacy and ask for the probiotic granuals they keep in their fridge. They are in a green & white box and have green little packets of probiotic granuals. You don't need a prescription, but you DO need to get it from Pharm. because they have to be refridgerated.

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