Lyme Disease - Springfield,VA

Updated on October 13, 2013
T.B. asks from Springfield, VA
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My four year old daughter was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She has the classic bulls-eye rash and is running a fever. The doctor said it was caught early and put her on antibiotics for 3 weeks. Does anyone have children that have gone through this? Were they diagnosed early? Did they have any residual symptoms? Thanks so much!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your responses. My daughter seems to be on the road to a full recovery=)

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter was 3 when she was diagnosed. She never had a bullseye rash or fever. She woke up one morning and could not walk and I knew she didn't fall or injure her knee. The doc checked for juvenile arthritis, Lyme and a few other things... The results came back that she had Lyme disease. She was on antibiotic for 28 days. We had to give her the antibiotic every 8 hours. She is 15 now and has not had any problems since.
Obviously if you see an symptoms such as joint pain notify the doctor. Although I am not a doctor I would prefer she stay on the antibiotic for a longer period of time. I know too may people that needed further doses because 3 wks was not enough.

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answers from Danville on

Not my kiddos...ME!

This was many years ago, and thank goodness I had short hair. I had a stiff neck so painful that I brought a heating pad on an extension cord to work!

Thank goodness my colleague saw the base of my neck...just in the hairline, and begged me to go to the doc. I did. THAT day. I was on an antibiotic for 30 days as I recollect.

The funny part is that every doc in the practice was called in to 'see' the bulls-eye! I felt quite a spectacle!

No long term effects for me...and it is 20 years now.


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answers from Wausau on

Both my older son, and my husband. They were diagnosed and treated early with no complications or residuals.

My father had Lyme, with atypical symptoms. He was quite sick for a couple of months but is okay now. My uncle, his brother, had undiagnosed Lyme for what they now estimate to be over a year. He has some joint pain and nerve damage that may be permanent. Time will tell.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My friend got a tick last year and she was down with pain in her joints and weak for months. It took her a long time to feel 100%. If your kiddo says they're tired or hurts believe her and give her some Motrin, maybe half a dose just to take the edge off.

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answers from Washington DC on

Thank goodness you caught it early. My son had the classic bulls-eye rash at 18 months old. He was put on antibiotics. So far he has been fine, other than getting sick (colds, ear infections) more often than anyone else in the family. Could be coincidental, we'll never know. He's 7 now.

Your daughter's was caught early and she'll be fine! Try not to worry. In the future you may find yourself obsessed with the possibility of tick bites during the summer. Use extra protection for her and your family. If you feel yourself stressing, you're not alone. She was treated early, and that's a blessing.

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answers from New York on

Not me. My aunt, cousin, and two of her three children have had it. A lengthy bout with antibiotics did the trick for them.

A former co-worker was not so lucky. She contracted it camping on the east coast, no tell-tale rash, but symptoms while she was living on the west coast. Doctors didn't know what to look for, and she wasn't diagnosed quickly. She has lingering neuropathy, many years after the fact.

Good luck to your daughter.
F. B.

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answers from New York on

Caught early. She will be fine after the antibiotics.

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