Lyme's Disease in Toddler

Updated on May 12, 2008
K.B. asks from Mount Arlington, NJ
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Any mom's out there with a child diagnosed w/ Lymes Disease. Just got back from dr and they seem to think this is what my 2 yr old has. Going for testing for confirmation. Just wondering if anyone has any info. If in fact it is Lyme's, they think it is in the early stages which is good from all that I've read.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the info and encouraging words of wisdom. Always helps to hear others and their experiences. The dr put him on amoxicillin for two weeks and that should due the trick. Didn't get the blood work back yet but the dr also said that the results are not always accurate. Yes, he did have a bulls eye rash on his neck which was the obvious reason for the dr visit but that just went away yesterday. So........there we are. Thanks again!

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My son had the bulls eye rash a few years ago and they automatically put him on antibiotics, didn't even test him. He never had any symptoms after that. I have heard that the test can have a false negative so some doctors prefer just to put them on the meds just in case the test is wrong. What was the reason for having the test done? did he have a rash? Try not to worry too much, I am sure he will be fine. :)



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I know you are scared but try not to be. My son had Lyme's disease when he was 2 years old. He took amoxicillian for 3 weeks and now at 4 he is perfectly healthy.

Our pediatrician said that after the antibiotic treatment there is a 99% recovery rate and he will never present any symptoms of the disease - he is cured.

May I ask how this was diagnosed? Was there a rash? How long has he been experiencing symptoms? The sooner it is treated the better off he will be.

My son had been coming to my room in the middle of the night for a few days. He never said anything specific was wrong, he just seemed unwell. Then the rash appeared and that was when we knew. Thank God for the rash, because without it we would not have known. The rash does not always appear though, and we never ever saw a tick.

PM me if you need more.




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Poor baby, he'll be okay though.. I use tea tree oil for lots of things and it's also used for Lyme Disease. The company i shop with has the purest form of tea tree oil. I can email you some more info if you like to your email address.

All my best,

L. A.

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So sorry your son has been diagnosed with lyme disease. Good news is if Lyme is caught in the early stages it is treatable with antibiotics and he will be just fine. You don't say how far the disease has progressed but with today's medicine he should be just fine. Just make sure he takes his medicine for the full course of treatment and good luck.

Ann Marie



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Hi, Kelley:

My son got Lyme at age 3. Two weeks of amoxicyline (sp?) was prescribed and seemed to do the trick. From what I've read it sounds as though if detected early Lyme can be treated quite easily in children. Your son should be fine. Check for more information.


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