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Updated on October 13, 2011
M.T. asks from Austin, TX
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Hi! I'm looking for a really good insulated lunch box for my daughter. I don't care about the design, meaning I'm not looking for a princesses/hello kitty theme. I do want something that keeps temperature as long as possible. If not, I'm open to suggestion as to how to do this.
Thank you for your attention and have a great day!

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So What Happened?

Txs everybody for the suggestions! I realized now that I should have said that I wanted to keep cold AND hot temps. Sometimes I send her with warm foods like pasta, rice, meats. I do use the Thermos containers which keep the temp pretty well, both cold and hot. I just need an extra help with the lunch box.

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We got a LL Bean lunchbox this year, I wanted to get him something that would last several years and have a matching lunchbox/backpack set and while I love Land's End, the quality on their backpacks has suffered of late. I am actually very impressed with the lunch box. It isn't huge, but it fits everything pretty well. There is a mesh pocket for a gel freezer pack so I put that in there and when he comes home at the end of the day the inside of the box is cool still and the gel pack still partially frozen. Much better insulated than any lunch box I have ever bought at the store. The one we got I think was their discontinued/old model and we got it for around $10. It doesn't look like they have any of those left but the standard model they have now doesn't look much different.

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Try Land's End, and maybe LL Bean. I have had great luck with Land's End products, especially the lunch boxes, which hold a lot. You also might want to try using a gel or ice pack in the box.



answers from Odessa on

hi there,
We bought our son 2 pack it lunch boxes this yearr. He loves them and says his food is good and cold at lunch time. I got a 2 for 1 deal from the official website, and that works out well because I then they have plenty of time to freeze well before using again.
if you haven't seen them, just google pack it lunchbox, or pack it. There aren't a lot of color choices, but they do keep food cold. Good luck :)




answers from Augusta on

I have some of the Fit and fresh containers for my kids.
They work really well. I got mine at Target in the section with the other plastic containers ( ziploc, glad, etc)



answers from Dover on

I don't know about the lunch box, but I do know at Target you can get thermos containers in smaller sizes that keep food hot for something like 5 hours and cold for something like 4 or more. It says on the containers. I think they have the insulated lunch boxes next to them and you can find them in the camping section.


answers from Washington DC on

we use these every single day!


answers from San Francisco on

My daughter chose this lunch bag this year:

She LOVES it. There is a separate mesh zipped section in the top of it that allows you to put a frozen pack in there, and it stays separate from the lunch items, so her sandwich or crackers don't get smashed by the cold pack. Even at the end of the school day, the inside of the lunch bag is still cool inside. The bag itself is insulated pretty well. My only complaint about this lunch box is that it's bigger than what the average grade school kid needs. My daughter has to carry it outside of her backpack, which I would find annoying if I were her, but she doesn't seem to mind it at all! Anyway, it's a nice, durable lunch bag that is very well insulated. It may serve your purposes.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We use the 'Fridge in a Bag' - they have some reasonable amount of testing to show how long it maintains temperature. Plus it really has held up - it is currently 4 years old.



answers from Boston on

I bought the PackIt freezable lunch bag for my son this year. The entire lunch box folds up and goes in the freezer. It says it will stay cold for 10 hours. I think that's a bit of a stretch... more like 5. But that works for us. So far I'm pretty happy with it! We also had the laptop lunchbox and loved it but I wasn't so sure it stayed cold enough with one ice pack in the pocket.

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