Looking for Preschool - Pompano Beach,FL

Updated on August 31, 2008
T.U. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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Hi Ladies,
I live in Pompano beach, but am willing to drive as far as Coral Springs. I'm looking to put my son in preschool 2-3 mornings a week starting in October or November. He just turned 2 in July and he's NOT potty trained. I honestly don't think he will be anytime soon. I want him to be able to play with other kids, do arts and crafts, and hopefully learn some stuff too. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks!

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answers from Miami on

Hi T.!

I too send my 2 children to the Discovery in Coconut Creek...I live in East ft.Lauderdale...we travel about an hour round trip to take our kids there. After ALOT of research, i felt the most comfortable placing them there and to us it is worth the drive :) My son is in his second year, and my daughter has just started her first year, we couldn't be more pleased with the care!!!

They have a very flexable schedule, one that will surly meet your needs!

Let me know if you need any more info!!
Good luck :)



answers from Miami on

Hi T.,
My family loves Coral Springs Montessori on West Sample Road.It is a small, nurturing environment. I can't remember if they take children in diapers, but it's worth a call/visit.



answers from Miami on

I used Discovery in Coral Springs and loved it. There are two Discovery Pre-Schools, one is in Coral Springs on Coral Springs Drive and Wiles; the other is in Coconut Creek on 441 and Regency Lakes. The one in Coral Springs is smaller but the teachers have been there forever. Trust me this is a good thing. I used 4 pre-schools between my two children and Discovery had the lowest turnover of teachers. (In the two years I used Cambridge, my son went through 12 teachers and assistants.) The Discovery in Coconut Creek is newer and bigger. Both follow the bright horizons program. My son id his pre-k year at Discovery and it was the least stressful year that I had.



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi T.. My husband and I are very happy with Discovery Cove in Coconut Creek off of 441 near the Sawgrass. Our son is doing wonderfully with his social skills, manners and empathy. I know you were looking for a little closer to your house, but you might want to check it out.



answers from Miami on

Coral Springs Christian is the best preschool I have found for my own kids....they are teenagers now so I don't know if it's still just as good as it was, but it was wonderful...for 2 1/2 yr olds it meets 2 mornings a week and for 3's can be 3 or 2 days...the 4 yrs can go all 5 mornings ( i think 8:30 to 11:30). It is nice because the kids really learn to behave and the environment is very loving. Also being only part time you don't get people using it as day-care and dropping off their sick kids. My dd was always sick when she went to other schools but this one didn't have that issue! You can check it out for a visit....it's on Royal Palm and Riverside. Oh, and another plus is that the preschool kids are guaranteed a spot in the kindergarten, which in our day had a long waiting list. The school itself is very good too! Everyone is very nice, even the other parents.

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