Looking for a Way to Make a Little Income from Home So My Girl Stays Out of Dayc

Updated on October 18, 2009
V.P. asks from Wylie, TX
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I wanted to see what others are doing now to be able to stay home with their children. My husband my get a permotion and we will move to Fort Worth. If we do we will down size our house and other bills so I can stay home w/our 8 month old girl. I would love to make a little on the side becuase I have always worked and am not use to haveing a little spending money for toys and extras.

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The first thing you should know is that the internet is full of scams, only 1 out of 10000 sites are legit and paying when it comes to online jobs. If you want to register to any work at home job, i will suggest you to google it first with the word scam at the end of the search to see testimonials and comments.

You might want to know where to start with online jobs. The first thing i will tell you will be PTC or paid to click sites. They pay you, moms who are just at home sitting on the front of your computer to click ADs or online advertisements... so How do you start

first register here:



click the link and register...

respond to this request with your email and i will teach you more.

or google NEOBUX.com to learn more. HAPPY ONLINE JOBS MOMS


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Hi Vanessa,
I am an Independent Shaklee Distributor. This is my own business and I work from home. How much you make depends on you, but I put in about 10 hours a week. The good thing about this kind of business is that you can grow it at your own pace. My website is www.shaklee.net/healinghappens
Take a peek at the products and see if this is something you might like. Feel free to call me or email me with questions. I wish I had started my business when my kids were young like you! My phone number and email address is on my website.
Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.



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Hi Vanessa,
I wanted to let you know about a brand new product that will be coming out very soon. The company name is Qivana. You can google that to read a little more about it, but it is going to be big. It is a 2 product total core health system with a probiotic and an energy booster.
*Probiotic suppliment--aide in healthy digestion and absorption, enhance the immune system, helps maintain healthy levels of intestinal flora
*energy and vitality product--stabilizes blood sugar, promotes lower blood pressure, energy surge of 6+ hours, promotes mood stability, helps manage stress
It is still in pre-launch mode and will be going online March 1st. This is set to be a billion dollar company in 5 years. The enginers and founders are all from big corporations which you can also google. Derek Hall-CEO and Craig Johanson. The way this will work for your own business is that you send people to your web-sight, have them read about the products, choose to get a free 5 day sample then you follow up. They will be able to see how much better they feel and will want to sign up. There is an autoship account so you will not be deliverying or stocking shelves. Plus there are no parties to attend. It's all very easy. There are several ways to get compentation from selling. You will get a % from each sale that you make plus anyone you sign up and on down the line. The best thing is because this is so new everyone is going to be wanting to try it out. This is where Mary Kay and other such business where at their start up phase. You can see how well they have done. I'm very excited to have found this new company. Let me know if you would like more information. ###-###-####



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I also suggest something like a mom's day out program where you can take your child.

That way you are not looking at child care PLUS

When you sign up with a lot of MLM'rs (most are high pressure)you have to make an upfront investment which means you are spending money you don't have or don't care to spend in an effort to sell goods and make money for the MLM'r unless you are willing to get people signed on under you.

I am not saying ALL MLM'rs are bad just be very wary......



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YOu could try a mothers day out at a local church. I know a few moms that do that. They work two days a week from 9-1 and bring their children with them at no cost.

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