Looking for a Swaddeling Balnket

Updated on May 08, 2007
A.B. asks from Elm Creek, NE
7 answers

I was wondering if any of you have a good swaddeling blanket that you fell in love with. I am due in Aug with baby #3 and I have lots of friends that are pregnant also.
What do you think of the Amazing miracle blanket, or the cozy coccoon? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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answers from Des Moines on

anything that soft will work. I don't really buy into the "need a "swaddling" blanket". Just another for you to spend extra dough. you can swaddle just as well with a regular blanket no matter what anyone says. It's been done for years. I went to the fabric store and found some fleece fabric I liked and thought went with a boy and girl, and 4 years later, their still the blanket that they want when they want to cuddle or have trouble going to sleep.



answers from Rapid City on

I have had three kids and never heard of those two blankets but what I do know is that soft, soft, soft is great! My little girl (now 4 years old) still has "soft blankey" and loves it.
I just wrapped her up in a little receiving blanket usually but the "soft blankey" was (and is) her favorite item!

God bless you with these little ones!!!




answers from Minneapolis on

For my youngest child, (now 11 months) I used the Swaddle Me microfleece blacket by Kiddopotamus and Co. It is fantastic - easy to use and oh so soft! Even after PLENTY of washing, mine stayed plush and new looking. I purchased mine from Babies R Us.

Congrats and good luck with the little one on the way!



answers from Grand Forks on

I just use a really big blanket and wrap up real tight! Be careful that the blanked is NO where near the baby's mouth or nose!



answers from Waterloo on

I used to believe as Jacqui said. Then I had a daughter that was a little Houdini, no matter how well I thought I'd wrapped her. Yeah, sometimes products are just a gimmick but sometimes products really do make your life easier.

I went with the Amazing Miracle Blanket but wished I'd gone Swaddleaze instead...no arm straps. AMB did work really well for awhile though. Wasn't a total "dud". There's another one that has a zipper in the feet area for diaper changes. Don't remember where I saw it online. Never heard of the cozy cocoon--will have to investigate.



answers from Davenport on

I loved the Swaddle Me blanket. It was easy to use and less expensive than the Amazing Miracle Blanket.



answers from Pocatello on

I have a blanket that is specifically for swaddling to make them look like a burrito. if you would like i would be more than happy to let you barrow it. This blanket is designed to swaddle and is used mostly on premie babies.

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