Looking for a OBGYN Specializing in High Risk - Plano,TX

Updated on March 24, 2006
A. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms!
I am looking for an OBGYN specializing in High Risk Pregnancies...preferably one who is associated with PRESBY of PLANO.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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hi dr.suzette boyd is awesome. i had toxemia after my first daughter was born and was in the hospital for 4 days 2 of those in icu. no prob.during preg. just after. then when she was 4mo. we found out we were preg. again! in my 35th week i was dialated to a "1" and had high blood pressure. luckily this time i didn't have it afterwards. dr.boyd is so caring and personable and she did her residency at parkland so she had delivered lots of babies then she had a practice with 4 other docs. then started her own practice in frisco (legacy area) she has 2 children of her own and just makes you feel so comfortable i could go on and on here's her number-###-###-#### see for yourself! good luck!!! and God bless!!!!



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I've had 2 unsuccessful pregnancies (due to low progestrone)and am currently 24 weeks into my 3rd - which is looking extremely good. I go to Suzette Boyd at Warren and Legacy - her number is ###-###-####. She also rotates with Dr. Fleming and I have seen him (and really liked him). They both are associated with Plano Presby.



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I have had high risk pregnancies and my perinatologist was Dr. Albert out at Presby Plano. He is wonderful and also has offices out at Med Ctr Plano. Phone #: ###-###-####. He is board certified in obstetrics AND perinatology (high risk obstetrics) and is fellowed as well. He was very careful with my pregnancies and has a wonderful bedside manner. The only negative - long waits in the waiting room for your appointment. But I have found that to be true of every perinatologist I have seen - due to the nature of their business treating high risk patients and having to drop everything to see someone needing immediate attention. Sometimes that person was me so I felt good about that.
Best wishes to you!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi Amy: If you have not found anyone yet, I used Dr. Brian Herzog at Pres of Plano and I loved him. I didn't have a high risk pregnacy (I did have to have a last minute C-section that he performed), but I'm pretty sure he would be able to accomadate you. His number is ###-###-####. Good luck.



answers from Sherman on

The doctor I used at Plano Presby was very knowledgeable. I'm not sure if he specializes in high risk or not. I was high risk towards the end of my pregnancy b/c of my blood presure and he was very reassuring. And was very "cautious" about everything after that point, but didnt worry me. He also teaches classes at SMU one day out of the week, so he is up to date with all of the new research and statistics. He only gives you the info you need to know not what "could" or "might" happen type thing. All the appts were short and sweet and he always knew the answers (in detail) to the questions that I had. I would recommend him for someone who is high risk b/c he pays close attention to the small things/changes.
Dr. Edward Wells ###-###-#### His office is in plano presby. He delivers at plano presby and baylor in dallas. Hope this info helps you.



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Go see Dr Eric Jacoby. He is great and this iscoming from a NICU nurse!

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