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Updated on March 02, 2009
R.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello Moms,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good CPA to do income taxes? Ours are not very complicated, but we have questions whether we have done our taxes correctly in the past few years and wanted a professional to do our taxes this year. We live in Rogers Park, so we would love somebody on the north side of the city or in Evanston and someone that charges a reasonable price. Speaking of which, what is a reasonable price?
Thanks for all your help!

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I live in Rogers Park and we use Larry Little at the ACT Group on Ashland just north of Granville. He does our personal and business taxes. I highly recommend them and I think they are very fair with what they charge (the fee depends on the amount of time they have to take to do your taxes). You can email me with any questions.



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We've been going to Tax Link on Damon and Irving Park for the last couple of years. We've liked them.



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R., I used to go to a very kindly but very elderly accountant who works out of his home around Foster andSt. Louis. His name is Var, and the number is ###-###-####. I haven't seen him in a couple of years so do not know if he is still practicing. He was very reasonable. Good luck.



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Hi R.,

My name is L. and I also live in Rogers Park. I have a 7mo. daughter. My step father is a CPA, he lives south but is always her visiting his granddaughter. He is very good. If you would like his number email me at ____@____.com

Also, I am always looking for new moms to get together with in the area, maybe we can get together with the kids.




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If they're not very complicated give turbo tax a shot (probably deluxe version for about $50.) They make it soo simple, guiding you and checking for errors. You could do them on line and you don't pay for it until you're ready to file. So if after giving it a shot you decide you don't want to use the service it doesn't cost you anything. I've used turbo tax for 6 years love it.



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I have a very good friend who is a CPA and is doing taxes out of her home (since she is unemployeed right now) She is charging $100 for married couples and $50 for single. Her email is: ____@____.com and name is Sara Angove. She lives in the Gold Coast area of Chicago.

Please tell her I referred you.


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