Looking for a Fun Birthday Party Place near New Albany

Updated on March 03, 2006
K. asks from New Albany, OH
4 answers

I am new in the area and am trying to find a fun place to have my son's birthday party. My son will be turning 4 and we will most likely have 8-10 4 year old boys to entertain.

Any suggestions?

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answers from Columbus on

The first place that came to mind was a place called "The Little Gym." It's off Polaris/Sancus, by Bank One. They do private birtday partys there too.

The cost is $205 for non members and let's you bring p to 15 children. All you have to bring is the cake and goody bags (if you want) and the guest list--they mail out invitations.

My kids go to a class there once a week and love it. Hope this helps.
mom to William and Emily



answers from Columbus on

A few suggestions....

1. Villa Keyus at Easton Town Center www.villakeyus.com

2.Chuck E Cheese off Sawmill Rd www.chuckecheese.com

3. Gymnastic facility. Don't know what is in New Albany area....

3. McDonald's

Hope this helps!



answers from Columbus on

Hey K.!

We're new to New Albany too, we moved here from Seattle in August 2005. I have a first grader at New Albany K-1 and a 2 and a half year old son.

When we were in Seattle for my daughter's 4th birthday, we had a Teddy Bears Picnic. We started at Build a Bear, they did all the party entertainment which was SO nice. As the hosts, we paid for a bear for each guest, $10/each and that included a tshirt for the bear. If the child wanted an outfit or something more, the child's parent was responsible for that. I made sure the parents knew that beforehand! :) After we made the bears, we went across the street to a park next door to our local mall and met my husband there with Happy Meals from Mcdonald's and had a Teddy Bears picnic with our new bear friends. Add in some bear cupcakes for dessert and it was a super easy clean up since all the crumbs and food were cleaned up by the birds after we left!

There is a Build a Bear at Easton with a McDonald's right near by. No park for a picnic, but maybe in the courtyard by the train set?

Hope that helps, somewhat. When is the birthday? Is a treasure hunt at a park a possiblity?

Good Luck!

:) B.



answers from Columbus on

I just recently heard of a place called Jump Bounce Boing. Inflatable play area. They have areas set for parties. I admit that I haven't been yet, but plan on taking my 3 year old soon. It looks great. Their website is www.jumpbounceboing.com Good luck

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